We woke up and had our last breakfast, and then we packed up and checked out to go get our 11:30 am ferry to Koh Lanta, Krabi, our next destination.

 The ferry was an hour away from Phi Phi, and when we arrived the skies had clouded over which was a bit disappointing - but what we were expecting due to it still being the end of monsoon season. When we arrived, we grabbed a taxi to our new hotel and checked in, and were pleasantly surprised to find we were staying in a little beach hut right next to the pool. (Another pool right on the edge of the beach).

This beach wasn't a patch on Phi Phi, however, there are more on the island which we need to explore. After a few hours laying under the clouds by the pool, we decided it was pointless and decided to have a nap to catch up on well needed sleep.

Feeling a bit more refreshed, and hungry, we were pointed by reception down the beach to where we would find a few restaurants and bars. However the further we walked, we only found more hotels with little bars inside and realised this wasn't what we were looking for. After coming off the beach and getting lost, we grabbed a taxi back to the hotel and decided to get a taxi into the town of Saladan.

We assumed compared to Phi Phi, the town would be rather chilled out and quiet here, however, we underestimated how much quieter... As we walked down the one street that we came across, every other restaurant was closed down into darkness and there were very little shops, meaning no people hassling you to buy things.

I mean don't get me wrong it was nice to be left alone but, weird. Like a ghost town.

After seeing a sign for a restaurant saying it wasn't open until November the 1st, we realised it must once again be due to the season time and it just wasn't a time for tourists, therefore no money to be made. We settled for a restaurant on the seafront for tea, and then walked around for a while trying to find something to explore.

We're here for 4 days so we're just hoping there is somewhere else to go on a night but, if not we'll just have to make the most of it.

On the way back we stopped off at a tour/trip stall and booked on to see 'the 4 islands' trip for the next day. This seemed like it consisted of stunning beaches and waters, which we'll be snorkeling in tomorrow morning, so we're excited for that!

The 4 Island Snorkelling Trip

 The 4 island trip was brilliant.

We were picked up outside our hotel around 8am, and put into the back of the truck and (as usual), we were the first ones so had to wait to go and pick other's up from their hotels.

When we had finally collected everybody (a quiet English couple and a group of extremely loud Irish girls) we were dropped off at the pier where others were waiting for us from various hotels, and then we all piled onto a long tail boat.

After about an hours ride, we arrived at a stunning island with white beaches and swings and hammocks, and a few people got off with suitcases (a little bit jealous). Once they had been dropped off, we headed on over to a reef where we jumped off the boat and tried out some snorkeling.


The amount of fish was vast, with lots of medium sized yellow and blue striped fish swimming amongst us which made some pretty cool photos. However, there wasn't much of a variety and these were the only ones that we saw. From what we assume, the salt levels in the sea here are extremely high as it feels like you're being stung everywhere, so much so that we had to get out and back onto the boat - but we had enjoyed a fair amount of time in the sea.

When everyone was back on the boat, we drove to another island where once again we got in the water but instead of snorkels and masks we were handed life jackets and we all piled in through a very low, narrow and dark cave. This was quite scary as it was pitch black apart from the one torch guiding about 20 of us, and all you could hear was the echo of people's voices and the water splashing. It reminded me a bit of Titanic when all the lights cut out and they are all piling down the corridors.

With Dave and I grabbed on to each other, we made it through the other side - and wow was it worth it. The cave at the other side opened up into the tiniest patch of sand surrounded by trees and clear turquoise water. We had pretty much swam through to our own private beach, and it was bliss.

This place really was a hidden gem, in which the Pirates apparently used to come here to hide their treasure (according to the tour guide). When we had enjoyed our time here, we swam back through and got back on the boat, before stopping off at another snorkeling spot, and then arrived back at the original beach for a buffet lunch on the beach.

The lunch consisted of rice, chicken in a sauce, cabbage and omlette - which in fairness was all rather yummy and to eat it whilst looking at the stunning view was fantastic.

 We had an hour here to relax, however, due to the cloudy weather, after about half an hour we were ready to go back. (Apparently, a fire in Indonesia has put fumes in the air that has crept across into Thailand meaning that, whilst still incredibly hot and humid, there is no sun - which is rather quite depressing).

After this was the end of the trip, and we arrived back at our hotel around 4pm. After chilling out for a bit and showering, we took a walk around the town and grabbed some street food for tea.

All in all a good day.

Sophie Amelia