I have no words.

Koh Phi Phi is, without doubt, the most beautiful and unreal place I've ever been to.

As the ferry approached closer, we passed the Phi Phi islands which hold no hotels or hostels, only pure, untouched views visited only by boat for snorkeling trips. You could see the corals from miles away as the turquoise waters turned even bluer and crystal clear, surrounded by caves and mountains with bright green trees. I've seen lots of photos of this, so I was expecting this but...I still don't think it can prepare you for how truly breathtaking it actually is. I always thought the photos were heavily edited or photoshopped but it really is just that surreal.
The ferry drew closer to Koh Phi Phi island, where shops, restaurants, and hotels emerged on the island. As soon as we got off the ferry, we were bombarded by locals at the pier holding big boards with hotel names on to take us to hotels (just not ours...great). After pushing our way through, very sweaty and tired, we found wifi and searched the hotel and were pointed in the right direction - which luckily was only 2 minutes away.

As soon as we reached our hotel and checked in, without hesitation our bags were dumped in the room and we quickly changed, keen to check out the beach and the hotel infinity pool. Once again (I know I sound repetitive and annoying) but words can not describe. The beach was a picture, however as we both aren't massive fans of sunbathing on beaches (too much sand and uncomfortable) the hotels' infinity pool was ideal, and we had the best view of the beach. As the sun started to go down, we got showered and went to find something to eat as we hadn't eaten all day (too much excitement).

We found a cheap Thai restaurant with a Thai dish for 80baht each (about £1.50) and then went exploring. It wasn't until we came across a bar selling alcohol buckets (the famous, deadly buckets we had read about) and decided to give one a go that it all went downhill. As it was very large, we thought it would supply us with a drink for a while and then take a leisurely stroll around the island. That was when we saw a beer funnel and a points board with countries on outside a bar. Obviously, Dave had a go (he did pretty terrible), and we were then told that the next person to drink for England got 20 shots.

You know where I'm going with this...

After sharing about 5 of these out, we proceeded to shot them between the two of us and then found a couple who wanted to partake in beer pong. Not much more I can say of the night really except, don't drink on 1 meal a day, don't attempt 15 shots between you (plus more as we made friends with the barman and were given extra free ones), and if you're going to have a bucket - prepare yourself.


All in all was a fantastic night, even though neither of us could remember getting home.

Koh Phi Phi Continued Part 1

Very tired and hungover, we woke up for our inclusive breakfast, only to go back to sleep again afterward, and it wasn't until midday we were ready to get up and go enjoy a nice relaxing day by the pool... Or so we thought. We forgot that in our pool, there was a pool party taking place today.


When we arrived all the sunbeds had been taken away and replaced with chairs, there was extremely loud house music booming out the speakers, with a cocktail bar, beer pong table, and a lot of drunk people on lilos. I mean, it was pretty awesome. We were just very hungover...however we had a few cocktails and chilled in the pool enjoying it before we decided we had had enough and was time to go for tea and have a quiet night.

After hitting the bbq buffet at the hotel, we took a stroll back into the main hustle and bustle of the island and found a bar on the beach with a fire show, where we sat and enjoyed. They were throwing sticks on fire across the beach to each other, the majority of time dropping them and an audience member nearly got set on fire...but apart from that, it was all good. Still sleepy from the night before, 10:30 arrived and it was time for bed. Until we walked past a tattoo place...

Now I know people reading this will know that I've now got a tattoo...it wasn't a last minute decision and is something we talked about before we even came away - however it was still very unexpected. It wasn't until Dave turned around and said 'we're going to do it anyway. We might as well do it now' that we turned around and headed to the tattoo shop. I've never been so bloody nervous. All people do is associate tattoos with pain but I really wanted one, and from researching, I found that bamboo tattooing is less painful.


My shaking was for nothing as, of course, the pain was noticeable but definitely bearable. (I got stung by something at the pool party and the tattoo hurt less). As the process is done by hand, it takes a lot longer. And it wasn't till 2am we returned back to the hotel, exhausted but very happy.


Koh Phi Phi Continued Part 2

Our last full day in Phi Phi was once again a chill pool day.

In the pool, we got chatting to a couple from Brighton and an Australian that they met in another part of Thailand that they kidnapped (not literally), and we all ended up having a laugh and agreeing to have a night out together. However, when we went back to get changed to go out, they were no longer waiting by the pool and we realised we took too long getting ready and had missed the meetup time.

However as Phi Phi island is only small, we soon found them again and arranged to meet at a bar for a certain time after dinner, but if I'm honest....we just couldn't be bothered to drink. I know once again I sound boring but, the nightlife in Phi Phi just isn't for me, for either of us.

The night out we had was excellent, but we don't want to go out drinking every night, we can't afford to and you just feel rubbish the next day. However, if you don't go out drinking, there's not much more to do as the main part of the island itself resembled Magaluf strip, full of drunk people wandering the streets drinking the buckets and booming house music everywhere. In the end, we sacked them off and went to watch the rugby in a bar. (over loud, banging music and drunk people falling into us)

All in all, Koh Phi Phi is a fantastic place and I definitely would revisit, however to a more quieter part of the island (if there is one) for more quiet, laid-back bars to drink in.

It really is worth a visit though.

Sophie Amelia