So the train journey to Chengdu was pretty horrific.

The train was made up of 'rooms' containing bunk beds of 6, which you were only an inch away from the person next to you - and the rooms were just a plastic wall between our beds and the ones next to us. As well as this, our allocated beds on our tickets meant that Dave and I weren't anywhere near each other. We asked several people to swap so we could be near each other but no one would - bastards.

Dave, I, and the group (the American couple and the Aussie) took the rest of our alcohol from the other night onto the train with us and sat together on bunk beds from 2pm drinking, followed by some odd Chinese liquor, and then beer.(And a giant pot noodle for tea)

Once again another long drinking session, and we were soon ready for bed. (When it was time for bed we found some spare beds at the end of the carriage that no one was occupying so we quickly jumped on them.)


2 sleeping pills and lots of alcohol consumed, it still took me ages to sleep as the train threw us about and when I eventually did, an hour later some people boarded about midnight and were getting into beds in the next room to us (so basically stood at the end of my bed shouting, erm, RUDE). After a very long night, we still had until 2pm till we got off in which we wasted the morning reading books and playing card games before we eventually arrived in Chengdu.

When we arrived in Chengdu, we were met by a new tour guide and we were taken to our hostel, which was a hotel, and we're pretty damn happy about it. Finally, a normal shower opposed to a wet room!

The whole group intended on going with the tour guide for a 'hot pot' dinner, however, once again we were sick of eating food that made us ill, so the 5 of us broke away again and found a McDonald's for tea and found a bar for some cocktails.

By the time we wanted to head back, it was raining, and I mean hammering down. We tried to flag down a taxi at a taxi rank, only to find that our British ethnicity meant that no one wanted to take us in their taxi, and consistently stopped to let others in that were in the queue behind us.

After being rejected by a handful of taxi's, we decided to suck it up and walk back to the hotel. So, after the long soggy walk back, we were in need of a change of clothes ready for our night out (It was the first time I've had to wear jeans or even trousers on the trip). Once we were washed and dressed, we met back up again in the communal area to drink before we headed out into the town. We were warned drinks were expensive around the Chengdu area, so we decided pre-drinks were the way forward.


By the time we had finished drinking, we was all pretty pissed and realised it was 1am, so we all squeezed into a taxi and headed out. We got to the first bar and ordered drinks and after Googling a few bars around the area realised they all closed at 2am. We had got far too carried away pre-drinking and had left it far too late.

A bit dishevelled, we walked around to try find some food to get on the way home, until we somehow stumbled across a club and went in. This club was the most bizarre thing ever. The club consisted of 2 DJ's facing each other from opposite sides of the room having a DJ-off, with a small dance floor in the middle. The rest of the space was occupied by tables and chairs with people smoking everywhere.

After only our first drink, a few men approached Dave and thought he was a famous footballer, obviously, dave went along with it...and ended up with free beer all night, as well as people coming up asking for photos and handing out free cigarettes.

At the side of the dance floor there appeared to be a VIP area with a 'gangsta' looking man surrounded by women climbing all over him. The area was roped off and there were countless bottles of champagne on the table. This guy turned out to be a rapper and quite a famous one in China (sorry, I didn't catch a name), and to our surprise he took a liking to Ricco (one of the guys in our group) and invited us all up to the VIP area for more free drinks, followed by an after-party at his house in which we had to decline (Hey, I know it sounds crazy - but we had no idea who this guy was! Was definitely not worth it).

Whilst me and the girls were on the dance floor, local girls came over and started dancing with us, and after that wouldn't leave us alone, dragging me away from the bar to dance again and kept pouring me free drinks. I couldn't believe how friendly this culture was! After the whole taxi situation, it was nice to have my faith restored.

At first, I found this a bit full on, as they kept telling how beautiful they thought I was and taking photos together, but if only all girls were like that, rather than looking others down - we need to all be more like this and on the same team!

After a mad, unexpected night, we all returned to bed, ready for our lie in the next day.

(note from present self - I'm really sorry I couldn't catch the name of the rapper, or the club - but it was definitely one hell of an experience and I would love to revisit!)

Sophie Amelia