Terracotta warriors: 

After another early rise, we got some breakfast and jumped on a 2-hour bus journey to go see the terracotta warriors. As we were informed, the terracotta warriors were an army built out of clay to protect the emperor Qin's grave.

This was a very long process occupying 7,000 people to build the clay figures and began as soon as Qin was enrolled his position of an emperor when he was just a boy.


From the pictures and the story told, we were quite intrigued to get inside and see these figures for real. However, when we saw them, as amazing as they were, they weren't as big nor as many as we expected and was a bit of an anti-climax. After this, we met for lunch where we all chipped in and shared a few dishes (not really my bag. There wasn't really enough to eat and I was staaaarving - lol greedy soph) and then got the bus back to the hostel.

When we arrived back, a bike ride was an optional activity but we decided that going to the bar street would be more fun (cycling is my idea of hell). So after showering and a quick nap, we got a tuk-tuk to a recommended bar street and had a walk around. As it was only about 4pm it was all still rather quiet, however, as we were up at 6am the next morning to travel it was only going to be a quiet few. As we browsed the drinks menu on a few bars, we walked into one that looked inviting and took a seat. It wasn't until we were in there for a good 5 minutes that we realised we were in some sort of kinky sex bar.

Pink feather boers draped on the walls, creepy looking dolls on the shelves and a whip and flogger hanging over the bar - safe to say we swiftly exited and found a better bar down the street and had a quick drink before making our way back to the hostel, via the food market again to get more meat on a stick. Back at the hostel, we had a few drinks and games of uno and then decided to get some sleep.


 All these early mornings and activities are really taking thier toll on us now. We're  absoloutly exhausted, but still loving it. The 8 hour coach journey to Dengfeng consisted of sleeping, reading, and just laughing with each other.

Not many people can be with thier partner for that amount of time, in such close proximities, 24/7 and find each other loving and appreciating each other even more. I couldn't be happier I've done this journey with my best friend and he makes the long, tiring journeys bearable.

When we arrived, our new hostel or 'guest house' was a breath of fresh air. As much as I had enjoyed the cities, I finally felt we were involved in proper Chinese culture as we were staying halfway up a hill, with rural surroundings.

We paid 100 yuen each (£10) which got us breakfast, 2 lunches and a dinner over the duration of our stay here. Upon arrival, we were taken to a hut at the top of the hill and enjoyed our first lunch. It was refreshing to do this, sitting with everyone at a certain time, and just having food put down infront of us and knowing it didn't cost much.

Opposed to wandering around to find a restaurant that either wouldn't poison us or empty the bank. (Not that anything is expensive over here anyway. We've been spending about £5 each per meal, with a beer, and they don't slack on portion size either).

Full tummies later, we took a 5 minute drive to a school where students were orphans or children from poor backgrounds put on a Kong Fu show for us. Even though some were only very young, what they could do what pretty impressive. Once the show was done, it was then our chance to be taught Kong Fu, so whilst Dave took part, I sat and laughed and took photos (had to be done). Safe to say, Dave looked like a wrestler in a ballet class.

Not the most graceful. We then had the opportunity to donate money to the school to keep educating the children, and this could be done by a simple donation or by buying some of the schools merchandise (I ended up buying a black vest top with the schools name on which I still to this day wear for gym/bed). A few hours later, we arrived back at the hostel where tea was ready, and once again we ate, laughed and all went to bed.


Sophie Amelia