Another river day

 Today we woke early again to go with the group to another river to do some kayaking. It was something that I've never done before, and it was a great laugh, just extremely tiring. (And I blistered my hands)


After the morning of kayaking, we had a free day to go shopping and explore. So after grabbing a KFC (all this foreign food takes its toll on your body and sometimes you just need some home comforts) we left the group and went for a wander. It's ridiculous how cheap it is here, especially in comparison to Hong Kong. I managed to grab 2 vest tops for £3.90, however, the population here are all so healthy and thin, that over here I'm considered an XL, so I'm struggling to find things to fit.

As planned with the group, tonight was our night out together so we grabbed some whisky and vodka and began a drinking session at the hostel from 4:30pm. Time passed and before we knew it, it was gone tea time and was time to head out to the bars. As recommended by the tour guides, we went to the bar 'monkey jane' with 2 for 1 cocktails at £4 a round, and a beer pong table. The first round (obviously) dave and I smashed it and was then onto the next round. Dave even challenged the barman who he beat, and won a free t-shirt as a souvenir (I then left this behind in the hostel when we moved on - so gutted!). To our surprise, when we had suggested to the barman we'd had enough and was ready to move on, he casually just closed down the bar and joined us in a night out.

It's safe to say we drank and drank and had an ace night - the only downside was that I suddenly felt really ill and had to switch to water (a side effect of no dinner and a full afternoon/evening of drinking) so I've learnt my lesson, and ready to smash it in the next city.


Lazy morning: 
After arriving back to the hostel at 4am, we decided to give the morning activity a miss and ended up sleeping in till 12 (oops) but it was obviously needed.

All well and rested, we met the tour at 2pm to go on a hike up to moon hill, or should I say the 'hike' consisted of walking up approximately 800 steps up a steep hill. Safe to say when we reached the top, it looked like I had just taken a shower. But the views at the top were pretty amazing and it was a well-needed workout to sweat out the alcohol.

After we had all made it back down, we walked about 5 miles down the road to the caves which we had a tour around (was pretty boring tbh, all caves look the same to me...) and then it was time to get in the mud bath, followed by a hot springs which felt like sitting in a hot-tub in a cave. I forgot to mention how dark it was walking through the caves, so before you turn round and start grabbing someone's arse, check it's actually your boyfriend. The look on the poor boys face. By the time we were finished, it was 6pm and we were all worn out and ready for some food considering the only thing we ate all day was a Chinese hamburger (bao?) (basically pulled pork in a bread bun. Amazing).

After grabbing a quick shower we gathered a few of us together and headed into the town for some tea. We ended up finding an 'American steakhouse', however, none of us opted for any steak as we were warned that the beef over here is very chewy due because the cows used are those that can no longer be used for farming and are very old - which in a way I think is nice that they give them a full life! Before we knew it, it was 9pm and we went back to our hostel room to chill out and get an early night as we were up at 7am to get our overnight train to Chengdu. The train is 25 hours and we're all sleeping in communal rooms in bunk beds, this should be an experience.

Sophie Amelia