Back to Hong Kong: We finally arrived back in Hong Kong after what felt like hours (it was only 1, I forgot how much I hate ferries).

 The weather wasn't as warm as Macau, but that's probably due to large skyscrapers towering everywhere blocking all the light out. After realising we were £500 up from winnings, and we were currently on our way to a shared room in a hostel - we decided to treat ourselves to a hotel instead as the hostel wasn't yet paid for.

After a 20-minute online search later, we had a much better upgrade, and only for £40 a night.

Eventually, after a confusing and sweaty excursion to the hotel, we grabbed a taxi and finally got checked in and settled. Compared to the Venetian it was very average, but thinking how much better it was than the hostel, we were very grateful. After a quick FaceTime to family back home and a change out of our sweaty clothes (carrying a rucksack in this heat really takes its toll) we headed out to get some food, and found a quirky Mexican restaurant just outside the Hong Kong Times Square (told you it was like New York) and so here we are now, sipping cocktails and cider whilst dave watches the rugby (and I just enjoy my surroundings). We're up bright and early tomorrow to head towards Hong Kongs 'Ocean Park' theme park with sea life and rides, I can't wait!

Ocean Park: Another fab day out being big kids. Ocean Park lived up to its expectations - rides, water, and lots of animals. (I was too caught up in this forgot to mention the sun was also there, but my suncream wasn't. I've now had the piss taken out of me all night by dave for my red face and shoulders) but it could've been a lot worse and at least I know now for next time. (Note from present soph: Similar to my Disneyland post, this day was so jampacked and enjoyable that I forgot to write much more on it - but I would highly recommend a trip here!)



Hong Kong, you've been great, but now for the next step of our adventure!

Sophie Amelia