The Venetian, Macau: Today we said goodbye to Hong Kong for the weekend (and that grotty hostel for good) and jumped on a ferry across to Macau.

I say this like it was an easy task, however running through the centre of Hong Kong with back sweat under my heavy rucksack trying to find the ferry terminal, which we then missed wasn't the best, but eventually - we made it. Over an hour later, we've now checked into the Venetian hotel in Macau and oh my god, it's incredible. Definitely a step up. After chowing at dave that I needed food, ASAP (hangry soph), we grabbed a burger (very cultural, I know) and wandered around the hotel. Which by the way, is the biggest and most incredible hotel I've ever been to. Dave called Macau 'Vegas of the East', and it really is. Gigantic hotels with casinos everywhere, ours, in particular, has a shopping centre in as well as a river with gondolas through the middle imitating Venice.


I'm afraid this post isn't going to be the most interesting as I'm not sat whinging about how grotty our room is but enjoying paradise, so it's time for a swim before deciding which Michelin star restaurant to choose for tea.


P.s. If it's any consolation the Indian restaurant we chose was fantastic. So was winning £100 in the casino, lucky charm!


Day 2 at The Venetian: Even though the prospect of coming away travelling is to be out and about seeing things, yesterday morning by the pool was absolute bliss. The hotel had 4 pools, all of which are incredible. Surrounded by palm trees, blocks of huts and magnificent statues. The bonus of us hitting the adults only pool - we were the only ones there. (Despite a couple of girls who came for 10 minutes to take several bikini selfies by the pool)


After we'd had enough sunbathing, we headed back to the Venice themed shopping mall to grab a snack and do a spot of shopping, followed by a cheeky drink in a sports bar.

 With my lush bath bomb and new dress purchased, we headed back to the room to get ready for our evening meal at Morton's Steakhouse.

What an evening. It was literally THE best steak I've ever eaten, and it was followed by extraordinary but delicious side dishes and the most amazing melt in the middle chocolate dessert. Washed down with a bottle of prosecco, it was one of the best meals I've ever experienced. To top it off the service was amazing, ensuring we never had an empty glass (dave told a white lie that it was our anniversary and we received special treatment).


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With full bellies and big smiles, we got a taxi over the road to another phenomenal hotel where we (obviously) found the whiskey bar. We then headed towards the casino and after a few hours eventually got a taxi back to our own resulting in a win of £260.

Safe to say our winnings have more or less paid for our time in Macau, we're on a lucky strike!


Last Day at The Venetian: Our last full day in Macau and in this amazing hotel, thought it would be rude to not spend the morning by the pool again. Once we had baked in the sun long enough, we decided to play a game of mini golf. (I wouldn't have agreed if I had realised how shit I was at it).

 18 holes later, sweat pouring off our faces and water in my shoes from climbing into the water to retrieve my ball, we headed back inside.

(In case you're wondering, Dave obviously won). Unfortunately with all this heat and different climates comes illness. So we decided to call it an afternoon and have an hour lie down to recover before tea.

After our well-needed nap, we headed back out into the shopping mall to grab a bite to eat. Once we had stuffed our faces with Italian in the Venetian square, we headed over to other hotels and casinos to explore again, however, due to us both feeling a bit under the weather and not wanting to drink (and we felt like we had done it all on previous nights) we headed back around 12pm to get some well needed kip. Safe to say, I think after our few relaxation/catching up on sleep days - we're ready to join our tour now and start exploring again.


It's now 11:53am and we're just finishing packing up to get the ferry back to Hong Kong.

Comfy bed in the Venetian - you will be missed greatly.