Hong Kong is unreal.

Day 2: After showering (in the very unpractical and smallest wet room I’ve ever seen) we decided to head out to grab some food and explore. Eventually, after finding our way to the centre, we came across a giant Ralph Lauren shop, with an impressive 3 floors. After walking around browsing for 5 minutes, we were informed that there was a free bar to enjoy whilst in the shop – this place was amazing!

Obviously, we accepted. Obviously, we had champagne and whisky. It was the most bizarre thing I've ever seen, we were treated like celebrities or billionaires. Sat in a bar with a giant tv on the wall sipping free booze, just for walking around the shop. After leaving (and not buying anything) we decided to look for somewhere to eat. Now, anyone that knows me will know that I’m not a keen lover of Chinese food, so after Dave pointed out multiple McDonald's and KFC's that we could've eaten at, I insisted I was here for the culture, and that included the food.

After a bit of walking around, we came across a restaurant down a small side street. Once again, my mind was blown. The reception/host was in front as we walked in, however, we asked for a table for 2 and was given a piece of paper and sent up the lift a few floors up. The restaurant itself once we went up looked pretty decent. Fish tanks and glass wine racks as we walked in, we thought we had made a good choice until we ordered food. The menu was difficult to understand anyway, so we stuck with the safe option and ordered beef steak, chicken and rice, as well as the soup (we were trying to be cultured). Not going to lie, none of it was great. At all.

Putting it down to the fact it wasn't my type of food anyway, I just accepted and got on with it. However, Dave then admitted it was nothing like he imagined and that for the 3 weeks approaching in China, frankly he was terrified. As was I. The main thing was we had each other, and that kept us going. £40 down and somewhat full bellies, we headed towards Soho for some drinks.

The place reminded me of Magaluf strip, plonked in the middle of a concrete jungle which resembled New York. We came across a tiny Canadian bar, where we indulged in jäger bombs and cocktails, before moving onto Hard Rock Cafe for more cocktails and so on. A live band was playing John Lennon tributes and we were amazed that on a Tuesday night, food and drink were still being served at 1am. After being kicked out with our cocktails poured into plastic cups at 2pm, we decided it was time to go home as we had planned Disneyland early in the morning.


This did not happen. On our route home, we came across more bars and debating whether to stay out or not, we used the 'fuck it. We're in Hong Kong' excuse and partied on. We found a bar with tables outside and a dance floor inside and got talking to a group of people and ended up having such an amazing night. We drank, we laughed, we eventually got in at 5am. After sleeping over our alarm, Disneyland didn't happen today. It's now 1:29 pm and we're both laid in bed absolutely destroyed, thanks, Hong Kong. Soon to head out to the city once recovered, I'm determined Disneyland will happen tomorrow.


Day 3: Since both being awake from 4am for some unknown reason, we waited until it was an acceptable time to get up and get ready and headed out for some breakfast prior to getting the tube to Disneyland.


 I have nothing else to say apart from it was the best day ever and I didn't stop smiling. The day was then topped off by heading back to the hostel for a quick freshen up and we then decided to treat ourselves on our last night in Hong Kong to an Italian 29 floors up.


 Amazing food, amazing view, worth the cost. Finished off by cocktails and then a few spins on the Hong Kong eye we decided it was time for bed. Sorry, this is only short and sweet, but it's been a long day! Just trust me, it was awesome.

(Note from present Sophie-Amelia: this was a very short diary entry, but I just remember this day being amazing. Hong Kong Disneyland was only small, but still just as fantastic. I can't remember the name of the restaurant that we headed to either, but it was such a surreal experience and I would recommend to anyone hitting Hong Kong to go to Disneyland and dine at a sky-high restaurant to really experience the city!).

Sophie Amelia