Welcome to the first of my many travel posts. Whilst travelling South East Asia, I decided to keep a daily blog of my adventures so that family and friends back home could keep up to date with what we were up to (before I started this blog). I asked a bunch of you on Twitter if you wanted to see some of these leaked onto Sophie-Amelia, and you did, so here we are! There are approximately 57 diary entries, so throughout the series, I’m going to try combining a few into one post – I don’t want to spam you all and my blog with diary posts! In association with Throwback Thursday, I'll be releasing one of these every Thursday so keep your eyes peeled!

A little backstory: In about 2014 when I had graduated from University, Dave and I decided to take a long trip across South East Asia. We flew from London to Hong Kong, stopping off at Mumbai on the way. We then ventured from Hong Kong to Macau and back, and then joined a tour across China. From China, we went onto Thailand for 7 weeks, before meeting another tour to venture across India. From here, we met some friends in Abu Dhabi, and spent a night in Dubai before flying back home!

The trip was approximately 4 months long and was most definitely the best time of my life. I apologise if some of the writing isn’t quite up to scratch as I wrote most of this half asleep or on the go – however I have tried to repurpose this as best as possible. I hope you enjoy 😊


Day 1: Firstly, the longest and most tiresome flight I’ve ever done. But my god was it worth it.

Flying with your best mate next to you makes time fly a lot quicker (as well as lots of films back to back) and as much as I was begrudging the changeover at Mumbai - the street food we bought for tea at the airport was the best Indian I’ve ever had. It's made us so much more excited to actually experience India come November.


Upon arriving in Hong Kong and getting the train from the airport to Tsim Sha Tsui, we grabbed a taxi to our hotel paying with a 500hkd (Basically, £50 which I insisted we needed smaller change before we got in). When we arrived outside at our hostel the taxi driver then asked for 40hkd, which we then gave our note saying we had no other smaller cash - the taxi driver then gave us back 940khd (all of our change back including our original money) and basically paid for half of our room so we walked away very smug. (Also a little bit guilty, but hey - we didn't do it on purpose!)

However, we weren't feeling too smug when we got to our hostel. As we got out the taxi, we appeared to be outside of some sort of indoor market, with stalls everywhere and people shouting in your face and pushing accommodation deals on us. After walking through extremely confused, we found a lift with a laminated list on the wall of about 20 hotel names on the wall and their correct floor. After finding ours on the list, we walked into what seemed to be an abandoned room with a desk in it and multiple fans. After considering what the hell we were thinking staying here, (even though it looked different on the Internet and it cost us £75 for 3 nights. Or £45 thanks to the taxi driver) we were shown to our room.

First thoughts - Very small but what we needed. A double bed, tv, fan, window - and then I spotted the stains on the sheet, duvet (or should I say just sheet) and the walls. The shower was literally a shower head attached to the wall above the toilet (which Dave was very unhappy with. No weeing whilst showering). “3 nights, we're here for 3 nights” we said and looked at each other begrudgingly, but then swiftly reminded ourselves we had come to travel, with a backpack, and had to expect a lot of places like this to stay in, if not worse.

Absolutely exhausted, we jumped on the bed and decided to have 2 hours nap before heading out (which took ages to get to sleep as I couldn't stop thinking of how dirty the bed was in. (We're having to sleep in clothes which were not too happy with). 2 hours turned into 5 hours, which meant we didn't wake till 5pm and had missed most the day in Hong Kong. But we needed it.


Sophie Amelia