So... I'm going to Amsterdam on Today! Eek!

Not only is this going to be a brilliant girls weekend away, but also a fantastic way to celebrate my 24th birthday. Like every female, packing requires a lot of thought, time, and new clothes purchased. As I'm trying to be good ish and save my pennies for my spending money - I've actually stayed away from buying too much new shizz.

I have however put together my weekend away must-haves outfit essentials!

Knee High Boots

As we'll be in Amsterdam mid November, I'm gunna guess it's going to be pretty chilly, and therefore big boots are a must. I already own a pair of black knee high boots which I love, however they just always fall down and go saggy around my calves, and I also love wearing all black some coloured boots to stand out a bit. I found these beautys on Boohoo from £30, and they stay up perfect. These are the perfect addition to a casual dress, or jeans and a jumper - and I don't think they'll be off my feet all weekend!


I love love looooove my furry items. I'm not into real fur, but anything fake and fluffy I'm in. One of my many fur lined jackets will be coming with me of course, as well as a fur hat and scarf. I think these items can dress up any outfit, and are perfect for keeping me snuggly and warm in the autumn months.

Bobble Hat

A bobble hat is a great addition to an outfit, it keeps you warm, gives your outfit a pop if you're an all black wearer like me, and they are absolutely adorable. I wait for this time of year when I can start getting the bottle hats out to accessorise with my outfits.

A Snazzy Jumper

No matter how hard I try and brighten up my wardrobe, I always seem to retort right back to black. This little gem however with it's ruffled sleeves is a great addition to my weekend wardrobe, and gives it an extra bit of glam. Jumpers are so versatile, and can be worn with so many different accessories. This jumper is a Nicole Fahri, but I picked it up from the charity shop for £3.99!

Photos and a blog post to follow from my first visit to Amsterdam, but for now, peace out!

Sophie Amelia