The start of a new year is approaching,, how did we get here already!?
I've not made any New Year resolutions in years as I know that I'll only say something stupid like 'cut out chocolate' and then fail instantly when chomping down on all my leftover Christmas food.

This year however, Dave and I have decided to make some resolutions together as a couple, which will hopefully encourage us both to keep up with them! There is quite a few, so here's to trying to stick to these:

  • Go Walking more often - although I do go to the gym a few mornings a week before work, as a couple we're pretty sluggish. I absolutely love going for a long walk, but by the time I've done a days work I just want to cook and eat my tea and then collapse on the sofa. We're making a resolution to get out and do this daily together, not only will this be beneficial for our health, but also gives us the time to catch up about our day instead of busy rummaging in the kitchen or putting the TV on.

  • Meat Free Mondays - We've always been big meat eaters in this house, and decided that it's about time to cut down a little. Whilst I could never go vegetarian (sorry for those veggies reading this, I'm not not prepared to fully cut it out yet!) but we are going to make a conscious effort to cut down on the amount that we buy/eat. We're quite guilty for getting home from work, seeing there's no meat in the fridge and going 'oh we've got nothing in for tea' and going to shops to get some (even though the cupboards are full of stuff!). We want to get into the mind set that tasty meals don't always include meat, and this will make our food shopping a hell of a lot cheaper too!

  • Save Save Save - Now this is a resolution that we will without a doubt be keeping. Those who have read previous posts, we're both so desperate to buy our own house (hopefully back end of 2018/early 2019!). Without making a conscious effort to put money aside each money this year, our dreams of being homeowners gets further and further away. This is actually a resolution that I'm really excited for! Whilst it may mean I go into hibernation and have to turn a few nights out down, a gorgeous house at the end of it will be worth it!

  • Takeaway Pot - So we're both weak when it comes to ordering a takeaway - and we definitely consume a lot more than necessary, as well as spent a lot of money on it! We've come up with the idea to have a takeaway pot with a set amount of money in it per month, once that money has been spent on takeaways - then that's it for the month. Whether this is spending this in one week, or spread out across the course of the month, for both health and money reasons, this definitely needs to change.

  • No Drinking During the Week - Whilst we don't particularly heavily drink during the week anyway, I do occasionally open a bottle or two of wine on a work night. Although I know this probably quite a normal thing in most households, for health benefits we both want to cut down on drinking all together. The drinking during the festive season has really taken a toll on us both, and to be quite frank need a rest from it!I hope you all have a fantastic start to the new year, and achieve everything you wish to accomplish!Sophie Amelia