For those who may have noticed, I’ve been rather quiet lately on my blog. I’ve been stuffing my face full of prosecco, cheeses of all kinds and having some well needed family time. I’ve spent most of the Christmas season sat in my new PJ's on the sofa, binge watching peaky blinders and enjoying not having to check my emails every 5 minutes! I hope you all had a great Christmas too!

As the New Year is fast approaching, I decided it was about time to share a Christmas present post. This year for Christmas I was absolutely spoilt to death so I'm not going to go through everything I received, but seeing as I did a Christmas Wish List post – I thought it would be fitting to do a follow up post. I got a lot of smellies which are always a great thing to have around, as well as a Groupon for Afternoon Tea which I can’t wait to use, some PJ’s and loads of other bits. Here are a few of my top pressies!

This has to be my ultimate favourite present. Whilst I didn't ask anyone for a Polaroid camera for Christmas this year, I've been after one ever since my brother had one next to his guest book at his wedding. I've always been one for printing my photo's out in Polaroid style and hanging them up with pegs, but now I have my own camera I can't wait to make lots of memories! This snap was taken on Christmas morning by the tree with my own little family (yes, of course that includes the cat and dog). Thanks Dave for this fantastic pressie!

For those who read my Christmas Wish List post, you'll recognise this baker boy hat - I'm so happy I've finally got one of these, I love it! Okay, I'm probably going to receive plenty of 'conductor' comments, but I've been wanting a baker boy hat for ages, and this is such good quality. My new scarf is also a fantastic present, and whilst I've never seen scarves this style before, this looks so nice over a plain jumper or a shirt.

Another one off my list that I was lucky enough to receive was these pumps from Missguided. Although I may not be able to wear them now in this awful weather, these will be a great addition to my shoe collection over summer.

As Dave and I haven't had the chance to get away for a while, we've booked a 2 night stay at Cragwood House Hotel in the Lake District at the end of January. A lot of our family were generous enough to give us spending money for when we go away here - So we've also got that to look forward to after the Christmas blues!

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All the best,

Sophie Amelia