So, I’ve always pretty much hated wrapping presents. I was always the culprit who put presents under the tree with no tags (just names scribbled in pen), with bits of cello tape hanging off. I always used to think…who cares about the wrapping? It’s what inside what counts!

However, like a fine cheese, over the years I have matured, and begun to appreciate a fantastic wrapped present. I’m still to do all my Christmas wrapping for this year, although I’ve just about finished my shopping! Which is a miracle this early on in December.

I’ve been searching high and low on Pinterest for some of my favourite wrapping techniques, that doesn't include buying half of Paperchase and breaking the bank. I’ve chosen a few of my favourites to share with you all this festive season. Enjoy!

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  1. So I'm starting with my favourite wrapping design of them all, however probably the most expensive. If you've been reading my blog for a while now, then you'll know I'm a bit lover of photos - particularly Polaroids. This wrapping design is so simple, yet very personal and eye-catching. Whilst it does take time to choose your photos/order the prints, the wrapping and string itself can be grabbed from any local supermarket, and then it's just waiting for the prints to arrive!I usually order my Polaroid prints from LaLaLab which are always offering discounts, and without the discount the vintage style prints seen below are as little as 35p.


2.  I can't pick my favourite out of this festive selection of wrapping, and I just love the contract of the golds and blacks. Who says Christmas wrapping has to be all about reds and greens? Once again, the actual wrapping paper itself is very basic, and you'll be able to grab some cheap plain rolls from pretty much anywhere. However, the way they have decorated these are absolutely gorgeous. My favourite is the big dramatic black bow in the middle, but I also think it's a great idea to tie baubles to the ribbon as well to really make it festive.


3. Oops, look like there's a theme here with the plain wrapping paper. Once again, to buy a simple paper like this will be dirt cheap to pick up, and really brings a look of elegance to the gifts. I reckon to buy fake leaves and figs would end up being too expensive, however I'm sure you'd be able to grab a handle of fresh, real branches quite cheap, and will also go quite far. I've also seen an idea where leaves have been spray painted gold, and then finished off with a matching gold string which also looks amazing!


4.  Okay, so I suppose this one is more for the kids...but hey, adults would love it too! This is such a simple way to wrap presents, but creates such a good effect and makes it look like a lot of time and effort has gone into this. All you would need for this is some rolls of brown wrapping, a pack of red pom poms, and a black fine liner pen - and voila! Fun, festive looking presents made so fast. However, you might not want to attempt this if you don't have a steady hand, making a mistake once you've spend hours wrapping the brown paper perfectly could prove frustrating!



5. Another brown wrapping...there is definitely a theme in my choice of wrapping designs! This could be the simplest design yet - a brown roll, some black string, and a paintbrush and white paint - and get flicking away! I think this design could be quite therapeutic to do, and no two presents will look the same. Although I love the white splatter on the brown paper as it looks like snow, I think a gold paint splatter on black wrapping would look very posh and fancy. Love love love!



So that's my wrapping design ideas for this year, god knows which one I'm going to go for but it's time to get creative. How are you planning on wrapping yours this year?

Sophie Amelia