So maybe I'm being a bit too keen with this as we are still in November...HOWEVER, on Sunday it's a month till Christmas, and I'm also visiting friends this weekend to go to the Manchester Christmas market - so I'm all giddy and festive!

Pretty much like every year, when I'm asked what I want for Christmas, I genuinely don't really know. I always need new clothes, like always...but no-one can expect people to pick them a new wardrobe that they'll love. I'm picky!

As we didn't really get the opportunity to treat each other for Christmas last year, this year the Mr and I have decided spoil each other a little this year. He asked me to put together a wish-list of things for him to choose from to buy for me, and that then led me on to the idea to share some of this with you lovely lot. (p.s I've hyperlinked the sites for all of these products in case they're also on your list!)


Baker Boy Hat

So everyone must have seen the new trend that is the Baker Boy hat, and I'm wanting to get involved. I've always been a lover of hats, and I've been dying to get my hands on one of these. The perfect one that I've found for only £16 on Asos is now unfortunately out of stock, but I'm really liking this style hat in the black wool. Whether I can pull this off or not...want want want!

[caption id="attachment_2012" align="aligncenter" width="501"]hat Asos Wool Baker Boy Hat, £16[/caption]


Calvin Klein Underwear Set 

So once again, I'm jumping on a new/old trend of the Calvin Klein Bralette. Whilst I was crazy about the underwear a few years back and have a collection of the pants, I really want the bralette to match. They just look unbelievably comfy, and also look really cute under dungarees in the warmer months. These are now also on sale at the minute in House of Fraser which are a steal! With my new found determination to lose weight, who doesn't want some new underwear to show off in? The question is...Black or White?


[gallery ids="2014,2015" type="rectangular"]



Who doesn't love a good pair of new PJ's at Christmas. Lately I've realised that a lot of my pyjamas are either mismatch, worn down, or just very cringe, and I think I only have about 3 pairs that I like! All my PJ sets are all long sleeved, and I find myself getting hot hot hot. T-shirt and long trousers are the way to go! As I pretty much live in my PJ's, I sorta need to sort out my nightwear wardrobe. I haven't of yet found a particular pair that I'm after, but how cute is this set from Asos. Once again out of stock - sort it out Asos!

[caption id="attachment_2016" align="aligncenter" width="496"] Monki Cat PJ's, £25[/caption]


Pandora Ring

So I'm a sucker for a piece of jewellery, and most of all love my rings. I already have a few Pandora rings that I stack up, including the colourful birthstone ring. However, I've had my eye on something a bit more glamorous to add a bit of bling to my collection. I've narrowed my favourites down to these two rings, one's very classy and elegant, and the other is a lot more glam. But which one?! I'm so stumped! Either way they are both beautiful rings, and such a reasonable price for all the sparkle!


[gallery ids="2019,2020" type="rectangular"]




Okay, so I know this isn't very seasonal. But I've been after a pair of slip on plimsolls for quite a while now. These are available everywhere, and in so many different styles and colours - it's so hard to decide! My favourites that I've come across have been either snakeskin print or these really cute flower ones from Missguided. These are great to stick on with a pair of jeans, and won't dress the outfit down too much either.

[caption id="attachment_2021" align="aligncenter" width="491"]Plimsols Flower Slip on Plimsolls, £20[/caption]


Rhubarb Gin

So like pretty much everybody - I've really started to get into drinking Gin. It's less calories than wine, it's easier to drink - therefore I can get pissed easier and cheaper. Wahey! I used to only be able to drink gin with lemonade and a huuuuuuge helping of lime cordial to water down the taste. However, recently I've taken a liking to Rhubarb gin, and I've been dying to get my hands on a bottle. I've no idea which Rhubarb gin is the best to get, or even where from - so have a pretty gin-inspired photo instead.

Image result for gin print


So this is about as far as my list has gone...but to be honest I'm pretty much out of ideas.  I enjoy clothes, I enjoy food, I enjoy drinks. I'm mostly just excited to wear a Christmas jumper, eat a German hot dog and drink mulled wine! I need new trainers for the gym...but who wants to ask for them?! Merry premature Christmas guys!