As you all know by now...I love a good drama - and one that I've been getting my teeth into lately is the new drama on ITV - Liar.

Liar begins with a young women Laura, who recently split from her ex-boyfriend - and is set up on a date with a charismatic surgeon, Andrew at the local hospital in which Laura's sister works. The plot shows the two wining and dining, and having a really enjoyable evening. The two then walk back to Laura's apartment, slightly giddy and tipsy, and Andrew is invited inside to call a taxi when he claims that the battery on his phone has died.

The two get distracted, and end up sitting on the sofa with a bottle of red, giggling and learning more about each other - with what looks like the perfect ending to a date. The show then skips to Laura waking up the next morning, fully clothed in her bed, and quickly appears distressed and confused.

She jumps in the shower scrubbing at herself frantically, to what seems to be washing away the reminiscent of the night before. Once dried, she calls up her sister and drops the bomb...she believes she was raped. 

As the plot progresses, we see Laura visit the hospital and police for an examination, and to report the case. The police visit the hospital to approach Andrew, in which he seems taken aback and appalled by the allegations behind held against him. Without delving into it too much, it appears that Laura has made similar allegations before against a Teacher, who comes forward to reveal this to Andrew.

The show portrays Laura as a psychotic, vulnerable and confused women, who claims 'she can't remember what happened' and that he had spiked her drink on the night of the rape. Several actions suggest that she had completely made this up, as she agreed to kissing him on the night, but then asking him to stop. It appears that she was too drunk - and just forgot the nights events.

This charade is kept up for the first few episodes, until in the third, the cat came out of the bag. A flashback is shown of Andrew switching the glasses of wine, in which he'd poured a liquid. As the show unravels, it shows a young police officer Vanessa, who is helping Laura win her case - also become a victim of Andrew. This time we actually see Andrew breaking into Vanessa's apartment, drug her daily vitamin juice in the fridge, and later on we see her arrive home, see the drugs take effect and for Andrew to come back around once she is well and truly unconscious.

Unbeknown to Andrew, Vanessa is actually gay and is carrying a child for her and her gay partner.  As Vanessa wakes up the next morning and notices that she's in pain down there, she swiftly visits the midwife to check everything is okay. Whilst the baby is safe, it's not until the midwife points out that the 'bruising and tears' can occur through rough intercourse. With a gay partner in mind, we see a sickening realisation wash over her face.

Although the two constantly try to uncover Andrew and his sickening ways, they can't seem to detain enough evidence against him to get him locked away. This isn't until Laura asks her sister to break into Andrews work locker, and discover his mobile phone. After cracking into his messages, she finds a text message a few days prior from an unknown women, suggesting that Andrew is storing stuff at this address.

The number leads to an address, which appears to belong to Andrews ill mother, and her carer - who is the women behind the text. Laura approaches the house and pretend to be a friend of Andrew, whom was sent by Andrew to pick up some of his stuff. Both the mother and the carer are suspicious, yet lead Laura through to a padlocked shed in the garden anyway. This is where she finds the golden ticket.

Stored in the shed, is a sports bag with small vinyls full of what appears to be a date rape drug, alongside a case full of camera memory cards, with each of the victims names on. Laura takes this straight to the police, and finally he has the evidence against him to be found guilty.

However, Andrew is never actually arrested. Why? In the last few minutes, we see a range of news hours claiming that the police have been on the look out for Andrew for 3 weeks. What happened? The last shot pans over to find Andrew laid dead in a marsh, with what appears to be a slit throat. Was he murdered? Was it suicide? Who knows - all I do know is that the show is set to continue (unsure when), which is great news to all of us that have been gripped on this show.

Whilst this programme does feature disturbing subjects, I think this programme has shed a light on the harsh realities that are happening all over the world today. Whilst in this case, Andrew was found guilty and Laura got her justice, this isn't the same case for everyone.

All of the world, people are victims of rape, yet they are declared as 'liars' or not deemed legit purely because they were seen 'kissing' or 'flirting'. It's OKAY to change your mind at any given time. Consent is consent, and you have the right to change your mind whenever you see fit. It doesn't matter if you invited them back to yours, it doesn't matter if you go along with everything right up until the intimate moment - if you change your mind, then you are well in your right to do so.

The programme highlights that the guilty party are never what they seem. A rapist isn't openly sleazy, and leering onto women. Andrew was a professional surgeon, and came across as a gentleman and a kind hearted and warm character. Just because you can't imagine someone doing something, doesn't mean they haven't.

I hope this programme encourages women in similar situations to step forward, and find the courage to fight for their justice. Laura got knocked back time and time again, and accused of a Liar - but she was a victim, and she knew she was a victim, and she got her justice. Rapists shouldn't be able to get away with this, no matter what the circumstance. Rape is rape, and no means no.