I can’t really say that I have a ‘favourite’ form of exercise – as I find choosing a favourite of something means that you actually enjoy it. Exercise isn’t fun to me, however it is rewarding – so I guess the exercise I could say that I hate the least would be swimming.

I’ve never been a particularly strong swimmer, and even though I had swimming lessons all throughout my childhood and entered competitions, I always came last and swallowed the water doing a summersault.

HOWEVER, I do enjoy swimming leisurely laps, both at the gym and on holiday. The thought of going to the gym after work to do a running and weights sounds horrific, however I do find that a swim after work now and again relaxes me.

Although swimming is hard, it burns calories fast – and a half hour swim flies by, whereas on the treadmill I’m counting every minute and mile.

I guess you could say that I enjoy dancing also. Not that I’ve done it in years, but growing up I had always attended ballet lessons (I was shit. I wasn’t flexible, and I pissed myself on the stage) – but since entering my teens I realised my love for street dance.

Although since moving house and getting older I stopped these lessons, I can say that I thoroughly enjoyed my dancing lessons and shows – and you know what, I wasn’t half bad! If I had to pick an exercise to pick back up for fun, then it would be these.

But for now…I’m on a mission to shed some pounds with a morning gym routine. So let’s see how I get on with this one!

Sophie Amelia