I think this is a lovely idea for a blog post, and one that I'm quite glad the blogging challenge has encouraged me to write about. Sometimes I feel people get lost in the things in life that they are missing out on, or can't afford - so I think it's important now and again to take a step back and appreciate what you already have/can achieve that makes you happy. Below are my 10 things that make me happy:

  1. Family time

Spending time with family is one of my favourite things. Whether that be all going out for a meal and drinks, or to pop round for a cuppa. I love it when all the immediate family come together with siblings and partners and have a good feast and a laugh.

  1. A pretty house

As you will’ve read several times, I love house interior and pretty houses. I’m sure you can imagine that when I buy my own house, I will be a very happy little person. Bring on the decorating!

  1. New clothes

Something that I don’t actually buy that often, but I love the feeling of going on a successful shopping haul and walking through the door with arms full of new outfits. New clothes give me confidence, make me feel better about myself, and make me want to go out and show off my new clothes.

  1. Day sessions

Oh day sessions. At the age of 23, I am well and truly done with clubs – and getting to the point of hating bars on a night time also. I would much rather go out for lunch with the girls, followed by a boozy afternoon where the people out drinking are actually wanting to just have an enjoyable day – not young teens throwing themselves at each other. Day sessions also mean that tight skimpy dresses and giant heels are not a necessity, instead bring out the floaty dresses, floppy hats and ankle boots!

  1. Brunch and afternoon tea

Pretty much just anything that involves a boozy food session. Whether it’s Eggs Benedict with some bucks fizz, or Afternoon Tea with prosecco – to me this is the perfect way to spend a day. I just wish it could happen more often! (Unfortunately Hull doesn’t have the best places to go and do this).