So, I don’t actually have many celebrity crushes, as I find a lot of celebrities are either too arrogant, overly-groomed, or tbh boring.

One celebrity that does catch my eye however, has to be Tom Hardy. I had never even noticed him until I watched the film ‘Legend’ in which he plays out both of the Kray twins. Whether it’s the ‘bad boy’ exterior, or his masculine facial features – he made it to my number one celebrity crush.

Whilst I’ve watched the new Sky mobile advert with him in several times, and said that I don’t understand what the advert is actually about, I’ve realised the reason that I didn’t understand the context of the advert was because I wasn’t actually listening to anything he was saying, just watching (oops).

In his most recent stuff, I can’t say I’m really digging the mass amount of facial hair, however he wins me over with his huge love over dogs and cheeky charm.

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All in all though…(*cringe alert*) – Whilst Mr Hardy is a very handsome man, he's not a patch on my Mr Musgrave, and I wouldn’t change him for the world! He may not be a celebrity, but he's definitely my number 1 crush.


Apoligies if you were expecting a lot more of an interesting blog post, it’s not usually something that I would do as I find celeb crushes a little ‘high school’ – however, the September blogging challenge wants what it wants: and I have to abide by the topics!

Enough about me anyway…who have you lot all got your eye on?!

Sophie Amelia