I've not actually been reading anywhere near as much lately, as to be quite honest by the time I get home and write my blog and watch my TV programmes, I'm just bloody knackered.

However, one that I've been getting my teeth stuck into lately is Hot Mess by Lucy Vine. It's basically a take on Bridget Jones, but it's not Bridget Jones. A new character, a new plot, but with a lovable and relatable character just like B.

I've still not finished this book, and I don't want to give away the plot in case any of you read it (which I would recommend), but this book has had me laughing throughout.

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One of my most favourite books that I've ever read has got to be Me Before You - Jojo

Moyes. I read the book before the film, and absolutely loved the both of them. I loved reading the book first to envisage the characters, how they look, how they sound - and then to see how a film was created from the book was brilliant.


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