There’s quite a lot of thing that I would like to learn to do, as I always love learning new things – unfortunately, my attention span doesn’t! But here we go anyways:

A new language

During school, I studied French and was then offered to take up German as well as a second language. I did enjoy going to France and Germany to be able to apply this, however it was obviously only ever the basics as I was approximately 13 years old. I did stop languages when I left school, but would love to be able to pick this up again and use it when I go away to converse with the locals.

New hair techniques

I love experimenting with different hair styles, and I’m always envious of hairdressers who can do fantastic up-dos on themselves in seconds flat. I’m not interested in learning how to dye and cut as this would be very difficult to apply to myself, and I don’t have the time to do this for others alongside my job either – but I would love to be able to put up a gorgeous up do for a special occasion.


I love experimenting with new foods, particularly healthy and tasty recipes. However, the Mr is still the head chef is the house and my skills aren’t quite up to scratch. I did cook him a 3 course dinner a few weeks back as a treat, and he was very impressed – so maybe I’m halfway there!

To be good with kids

Whilst I definitely want my own in the next few years, I just can’t seem to be any good with kids! The Mr is an absoloute natural, and will kiss and cuddle all his friend’s babies and children, I just do an awkward wave and smile and run off. I think this one is quite an important one to me…but I guess this is only achieved through practice!

Fitness techniques

I go and do the standard treadmill workout to burn fat, and will do the odd weight training and HIIT workouts – but I would love to just naturally know all this and smash it at the gym. Not just stand in the corner awkwardly with Youtube up on my phone, trying to imitate the fitness instructor.

I know you’re probably reading this and thinking…why the hell isn’t she just doing it then? But…don’t we all say things we want to do and just, well, never do it? I hope I will complete this all at some point – but for now I’m happy to just be able to keep my shit together. Alright, so now it’s your turn. What do you all want to learn?

Sophie Amelia