So I have a teeny confession...this post was originally my OOTD - however sleeping in too late and shoving whatever was on the floor around me for work probably wouldn't of been the best post. Instead let's talk about what's

Choosing only 5 foods out of all of them is a very hard decision...but here we go:


I mean, what's not to love about pizza?! The rich tomatoey base, the gooey cheese, the whole range of toppings and sauces to go on the top - I just don't trust people who say they don't like pizza....I'm onto you...

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Sorta relating with the pizza points... but cheese. Smoked cheese, Melted Brie, or even just the classic cheddar. Who doesn't love a cheese board. My current favourite cheese at the moments is a Rioja and red onion, however I had a Camembert with a bacon crumb the other day, oh my lord. Game changer!

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Thai Green Curry
I lived off these for 2 months in Thailand. The spices, the flavours, the tangyness of the lime leaves. This curry is just absoloutely phenomenal, and I never get bored of it! The great thing about this soup is once you've eaten the chicken and veg with the rice, you're left with a bowl of spicy goodness to enjoy as a soup afterwards. Or at least I do!

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Pulled Pork
Pulled pork just goes amazing with everything. Pizza, nachos, burritos,'s so versatile yet SO DAMN GOOD. I always grab a box of this from either Aldi or Lidl, all it needs is a quick blast in the oven and the BBQ sauce poured over it and voila - absoloute perfection.

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Fajitas are a great feast for one person, or can accommodate to a casual dinner between friends. All of the different elements combined together just creates such fantastic flavours - and the amazing thing is, you can put whatever you like in these. With my recent attempt of healthy eating however, I have been substituting the sour cream with natural yoghurt, and trying to eliminate the cheese. Sigh.

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Now if you'll excuse me, all this food talk is making me hungry...

Sophie Amelia