I didn't want to go overboard with this post, as I've highlighted a few of my favourite blogs/blogs that deserve recognition in previous posts/nominations.

I wanted to keep this short and simple and just pick my top 3 blogs/pinterest accounts:

Karalee - http://talesofbelle.com/

Han - http://lifewithhandotblog.wordpress.com/

Elizabeth - https://www.pinterest.co.uk/icecreamclarabg/

This post is more around encouraging bloggers to be supportive of one another, and when they come across a blog that makes them go 'oh wow, that's awesome' - to let the blogger know that it's awesome!It's these little acts of kindness that really brighten a persons day up and encourages them to keep doing the good work that they're doing.

I'm just over halfway through my September blogging challenge, and have had people supporting me throughout it and surprised myself as to how many people are actually appreciating my work.Whilst it's too late for other bloggers to be joining in - I'm looking forward to see other bloggers challenges throughout the year as it really has been a challenge!

This post is short and sweet - but basically, everyone just keep doing you.

Sophie Amelia