Although this has been out for a while, I’m really starting to get into this programme. Whilst sometimes it scares the shit out of me…I love a good old crime drama, and I just love Luther! He’s like the good cop but also the bad cop but for good reasons…it’s just awesome.

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Don’t tell the bride

This programme is just pure brilliance. Whilst I do always feel for the bride at the end to see their reaction about going skateboarding on their wedding day etc…I just love to watch and wonder – do you even know your bride to be at all?! I feel I could happily put our day in charge of my Mr and he wouldn’t have me running around doing anything stupid or wearing converse walking down the aisle! Mind you, saying that – they probably all said the same!

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Who doesn’t love Friends? It’s just a classic! Although I’ve watched all of the episodes time and time again, and can predict what’s going to happen next – I still can’t get enough. It’s like the go to programme to turn on when nothing else is on TV.

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Silent Witness

Another crime drama. Although I only watched the most recent few series, I was getting SO into this! One of my absolute favourite crime dramas also was Unforgotten, which a number of different stories and cases to solve – but all linking up together. This series was absolutely genius, however it isn’t on frequently enough for it to be a favourite show.

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How I Met Your Mother

I don’t watch this as often anymore as the Mr despises American TV, but I do like to put How I Met Your Mother on now and again to have a good giggle. It’s the same however as friends, as I’ve watched all the episodes before so it’s more just re-watching old ones.

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