I’m not too sure what really classes as a cause – however one thing that I am passionate about is animal cruelty. All animals are such beautiful, kind and gentle creatures, and the fact that people can hurt them is disgusting.

It baffles me why people buy pets, only to lock them in a cupboard or leave them outside in the rain to freeze. Animals deserved to be loved and have a warm home, food and water just like the rest of us – If not more so, because they are so kind hearted and loyal!

I really am passionate about this, and one thing that reaallly grinds on me is that during a driving test, if you break for anything smaller than a dog then you get a fail. This is the most selfish and disgusting thing I’ve ever heard. Just because it’s not as big as a dog, that’s still somebody’s pet cat, that’s still someone’s pet rabbit, or even just an innocent wild animal that DOES NOT deserve to die purely because it’s not big enough to damage our cars to deem worthy of stopping.

Animals being hurt in any way for absolutely no apparent reason honestly just baffles me. My Dad and I were once driving down the road, a cat ran out into the car in front and the car kept going and knocked into the cat. Okay, it could’ve been too late to get out the way and there was nothing they could do – BUT THEY DIDN’T EVEN STOP. Those arseholes drove off like nothing had happened, and left us to pull up behind and pick up this poor cat to take to the vets. The cat died at my feet on the way, and it was honestly one of the most heart-wrenching experiences ever, I didn’t stop crying for hours.

I apologise for this huge rant – but the title of this post for my blogging challenge made me! My final point to this, is that if everyone treat animals how they deserve, the world would be a much better place.

To brighten up the tone of this post – Here’s my babies celebrating their birthdays this month!

Sophie Amelia