Whilst I don’t always find the time to blog as much as I’d like, there are plenty of things that I love about blogging – and will encourage me to continue blogging.



Blogging gives me a sense of achievement. The fact that on top of working I come home and write my little bog – and although my blog may not be that big, it’s my own little space and thing that I’ve achieved. My little blog is only 3 months old, however to see it grow each month is the greatest achievement.



A lot of my posts are based on reviews and advice, and I love that my few words jotted down in a post can help someone with a product to buy, or help them with an idea for something. My posts are written very much how I speak, and I don’t hold back on swearing, taboo topics or leave out anything embarrassing – my blog is very true to me and if people enjoy that, then that’s great.



Sometimes on a weekend, it’s a lot easier to sit in and watch crap on TV and stuff my face with chocolate. My blog gives me something to work towards – such as encouraging me to try healthy recipes to taste and review, go visit an event to document and share, and even encouraged me to join the gym and in the future document a weight loss progress.



There are plenty of bloggers out there who have fantastic blogs that plenty of people follow, and review products for companies. My goal is to grow my blog, to where companies deem be valuable enough to let me review an array of products, and for my blog to actually be worthwhile.


The Community

The blogging community is so supportive. Never did I imagine that people from all over the world would comment on my posts/Instagram feed being so friendly and telling me how much they enjoy everything that I post. It’s stuff like that which encourages me to keep going!