Hmm…well I’m pretty sure everyone has a bucket load of guilty pleasures, so I guess I’d better try and whittle it down!

Pizza & Prosecco

The best combination in the world. I could be in any sort of mood, yet if I hear pizza and prosecco…I’m there. I’m still on the hunt for a bottomless pizza and prosecco session in Hull, however sadly I don’t think it’s quite caught up with the likes of cities such as Leeds and Manchester.


James Blunt

I feel like I’m out on my own with this one, but I just absolutely love James Blunt. Maybe not him so much as a person, but I love his songs and lyrics. C’mon, how can you not like Goodbye My Lover?!


A candlelit bubble bath with wine

There’s nothing more relaxing than running a hot bath overflowing with bubbles, and sinking in with some relaxing music and sipping on a glass of wine. I haven’t really done this yet this year as the weathers been too warm, but I can’t wait to come in from work on a winters night and just relax.

Harry Potter

What a series of books and films. Whilst I have to admit, I did start to switch off after The Goblet Of Fire, the first 4 films and books I can watch and re-read time and time again. I’m always up for watching a good Harry Potter film, and have also got my eyes on some Hazza P Pj’s…

Late night Mcds’s runs

To be honest…we haven’t done this in a while as I’m really trying to nail on my healthy eating – but the Mr and I got into a habit of eating our evening meal, and then around 9pm giving each other the look and hopping into the car for a late night Mcdonalds run. I have to say, I am ashamed of this one.



There is nothing more satisfying than getting home and whipping off that bra that's been cutting into you all day, don't even try to argue with me on this one. I will avoid underwear at all costs, as quite frankly it's just uncomfortable! If I can get away without my nipples poking your eye out, then god damn it's happening.

Sophie Amelia