I'm a big fan of inspirational quotes, and I think they are a great way to guide us and encourage us to be stronger people - If only we actually followed by them!

Never fear the unexpected - Kate Voegele

This is my all time favourite quote, taken from the lyrics of No Good - Kate Voegele. Although her song lyric is 'I never feared the unexpected', I like the play of this to use in the future tense. I take from it that you should always take what life throws at you with both hands. That although problems occur and sometimes you are stopped in your tracks, that you make the best out of a bad situation and always think of a positive way around things.

Better an oops - Whit's BlogWhit's Blog

Better an oops than a what if

This quote suggests to me that it's better to make mistakes and learn from them, than to constantly be in the unknown and wondering what could've been. To grow stronger as a person and to learn things in life, it's important to make mistakes - after all, no-ones perfect. Just make sure that these mistakes are a learning curve, and not something to knock you down.

if today is the worst day of your life then you know tomorrow will be better - Google Search

If today is the worst day of your life, then you know tomorrow will be better - The Lion King

Oh Disney, I can always rely on you for a fantastic, motivational quote. Although I forget to follow by this quote, I love the aspect that every day is a new day. Whilst at the time, everything that has happened in your day seems like the worst, just tick it off as a bad one and start fresh again tomorrow. I feel like this quote also applies to my lifestyle, as when I've skipped the gym and eaten a pizza - rather than feeling guilty I just tell myself that today was a bad day, and tomorrow I can start again. As long as I don't make a habit of it!

Sophie Amelia