Okay…so I feel sticking to the title for this blog post is going to be difficult – because if you tell people your wish, it won’t come true!

Instead, I’m going to make a list of things that I wish that a younger me could’ve told myself:


1. Houses and cars don’t come cheap – and it will take a while to build what you want to achieve. Push yourself to the absoloute max while you’re young and set yourself up for when you grow older. (Although I did work my ass off throughout studying and wouldn’t change a thing about that, I wish someone had prepared me for how hard it is to get started out on your own feet!)

2. Knowing the difference between friends and drinking buddies. Although getting ready to go out on a night out together, or meeting up for a hungover Nando’s seemed like the best times – chances are in a few years, these won’t be the people at your wedding. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still in touch with my oldest and dearest childhood friend, but if 16 year old me could look into the future and see how friendships change, I don’t think I would’ve quite believed it.

3. It’s all about quality not quantity. The most important thing to me when I was younger was getting the biggest group of people together for a get together, the more the better! Whilst the Mr and I have a big group of couple friends that we spend time with, my closest friends are actually counted on one hand – and the quality time that I have with each of these individuals is a lot more important.

4. Family time is important. When having to attend a family meal for an occasion when you’ve been invited to a party elsewhere was always the most frustrating thing. However now I find myself making excuses to not go to the party or night out, and would much rather spend some quality time with my family, good food and a few drinks.

5. That it’s okay to not know everything. The amount of times that I’ve sat in a room full of people who just seemed to get it – and no matter how hard I tried, I just didn’t. I know now that didn’t make me stupid, and that some people having strengths and weaknesses. They might not have been able to draw or design like I could, but god did they know how to work out the circumference of a circle. I’ve wasted too much time putting myself down, when it’s not possible to be great at everything.

Sophie Amelia