My days vary massively from week days to weekends – and seeing as there is another one of these posts to do in my 30-day blogging challenge I’ll start with my week days. I can’t see this being too interesting to be honest…but I’m making sure I stay to the blogging challenge checklist – so here goes guys!


Alarm goes off…and with great difficulty, I get my ass up and get to the gym for 6:30. (For those reading thinking that I’m an absolute warrior and fitness enthusiast – I’m really not. If you read one of my latest posts, you’ll discover that I’ve only recently joined so let’s hope I can keep this up).


Sleepily, I drag myself in the gym and do a 10-minute run on the treadmill, followed by a vigorous 10 minutes on the stepper to get that Beyoncé ass. I’d like to up both of these timings the more my body gets used to regular exercise – but for now, this will do. After I’ve done my cardio, I move onto a range of weights and ab exercises for an all over workout. I know most people will do a leg day or arm day but I like to keep working all parts of my body in each workout. Maybe I’m doing this wrong and someone will tell me I need to stop this – but it works for now. Today I did a few sets of kettle bell swings to tone my arms, legs and bum, followed by quite a few reps on the leg abductors, and then finally lifting weights to focus on my arms.


Back home for a quick shower, and to feed the very vocal cat and dog. I don’t usually spend much time getting ready for work as, well, I’m at work – I’m sat in an office and I have no one to impress. (This will differ if I have an important client meeting). If I haven’t sweated too much, I’ll usually put a bit of talc baby powder on my roots and give it a quick straighten through, but if there is just no rescuing it without washing – up in a messy bun it goes. Breakfast is either a homemade breakfast egg muffin or 2 soft boiled eggs to either eat before heading out the door or to take on the go.


Time to hop into my little car and head off to work. I only live about 15 minutes away from work, so it’s not too much of a journey at all. Currently in my little Nissan Micra called Nora, off I scuttle to work. My next car in the pipeline is a white Audi A5 – a joint car for me and the Mr to share. I wanted a TT, he wanted an A7, so we compromised. I’ve told myself though that a new car isn’t happening until I work my way up to a new promotion – as even though we could perhaps afford it now, it’s important to have goals to work towards and reward yourself for reaching them.

8:15 – 5:00

Work work work. There’s not really too much to say here as I know reading about somebody’s work day really isn’t the most exciting. My work day also varies so much so it’s hard to pinpoint a ‘usual day’ at work. Working in Content Marketing, I look at the recent trends and keyword research around popular trends, products and most talked about words or questions. I then apply this into the articles that I write, and can then write about stuff that people are actually interested in. My current clients that I work for are Argos Pet Insurance, KY and Durex – so as you can imagine, my days that consist of writing about furry animals and blowjobs aren’t exactly the dullest!


Back home to once again feed the chowing pets, and straight into my PJs. I don’t usually do much on an evening after work as to be honest, I’m just pretty exhausted. Some nights I might go for a walk with a friend if the weather suits, or if I’ve not seen a friend in a while I’ll pop out for a tea or for a drink – but apart from that, I can’t say I do anything too wild. As the Mr is the main chef of the household, if he’s in before me I don’t really need to start prepping tea. After work is my time to catch up with my blog and write a new blog post, so I try to fit this in after dinner and before all my programmes begin.


Yep, this is usually the time I hit the hay. Whenever I speak to other people who say ‘Oh, I had an early night last night – I went to bed about 11:30’  - What?! This girl needs her sleep, and no amount of tv programmes is worth that.

So, there you have it, a typical day in the work life of Sophie Amelia! I do one day aspire to blog full time alongside being a full-time mummy, and have a day consisting of spending time with my little one and being able to put more time and effort into my blog. This is a long time off – but it’s good to look towards the future!

Sophie Amelia