Considering that one of goals for me to work on in a previous post was my self-confidence – this post isn’t going to be the easiest of things! To be honest, I don’t think it would be for most people. I don’t think anyone really loves anything about themselves, do they? I’m not going to go as far as that anyway, but here are a few things that I like about myself.

My Heterochromia Eye

Whilst I used to absolutely hate this, as I’ve grown I’ve realised that it’s something unique and something that people remember me by. Heterochromia is the difference in coloration, in my case, my iris. My eyes are a bluey/green, and I started out with a brown speck in my left. Over the years, this has expanded and is now pretty much half my eye colour. Although hearing ‘Omg, your eyes are different colours!’ regularly is quite annoying (hello stating the obvious), if the gorgeous Mila Kunis has it – then I’m pretty happy to have something similar to her.

[caption id="attachment_1017" align="alignnone" width="1334"]heterochromia Excuse the Snapchat filter - It was a great one for showing the colours in my eye[/caption]

My Freckles

Another thing that I used to hate when I was younger – and someone genuinely asked me if I had considered getting them lasered off? Erm, excuse me? However I’ve now come to realise that once again it’s something that makes me unique. Although I’ve never tried to hide them with make-up, I embrace them even more now and love it when the sun hits and they become even more apparent. Is that a spot I’ve got on my face? Is it a freckle? Who knows!

My Determination

Whilst I may not have succeeded at everything that I have set my heart on, I’m proud that I have the determination to keep going. I’m not the quickest at learning new things and picking them up, but I’m very set on sticking at it until I do. Although determination won’t make me the most intelligent being, it also doesn’t make me the worst.

My Creative Flair

Inherited from my mum, I’ve always had a creative side and love creating beautiful things. Whether it’s house interior, graphic design and prints, or writing – I love to be able to get my hands stuck into something and making something pretty from it.

Down To Earth

I love to get all dressed up and eat at fancy restaurants and drink cocktails, however I also enjoy sitting in the pub in a jumper and jeans drinking pints. The definition of down to earth states it is someone with no illusions or pretensions, and I’d say I fit into this and that it’s quite a good quality to have. I am what you see, like it or lump it!


Whilst sometimes my motor mouth may get me in trouble, I’m a very honest person. I don’t like to take any shit, but I also don’t like to bullshit either. If something is on my mind, or I believe something isn’t right – I will say it. They do say honesty is the best policy, and if it upsets a few people along the way then hey, can’t please everyone.

Ability to make people smile

Although I am bothered about what people think of me, I will also go out of my way to make myself look like an idiot so long as it makes people smile. Pulling silly faces, cracking awful jokes, or just genuinely being silly – I love being able to achieve happiness in those close to me.


My legs have got to be my favourite part of my body. Whilst years of pizza and burrito abuse have given me a squishy tummy, I’m quite lucky that none of it has made a dive towards my legs. I don’t want this to sound big headed or anything like that, as it’s very rare you’ll hear me saying stuff like this about myself – but if I had to pick a favourite body part, that would be it!

Sophie Amelia