I’m extremely thankful for a lot of things in life, but as of late I’ve been extremely thankful for those around me who matter.

I used to think that what was important was being surrounded in numbers, however I’ve come to realise that it’s quality over quantity. As I head towards my mid-20s, I’ve removed negative people from my life and I am really feeling the impact and love from those who remain.

I’m thankful for my friends and family who are supportive and kind. Those who text me to see how my day was, and who lift me up when I’m down. I’m thankful for those who toughen me up, and tell me when I’m basically being an ass – but also have my back when I’m right.

I’m thankful for how much my family spoils me and cares for me, and that when I would rather stay in and slob with a takeaway rather than going out that my friends support that.

I’m grateful that I have delicious food on the table every day and a roof over my head, and that I share this with my fantastic other half that looks after me and makes me smile daily. I’m so lucky that at the age of 24, I have seen so much of the world already and experienced so many fantastic things with so many amazing people.

Basically, everyone just keep doing you – because you’re awesome!

Sophie Amelia