Although summer coming to a close means the end of BBQ's, summer holidays and beer gardens - there are PLENTY of things that I'm looking forward to now that August has struck.

Autumn/Winter Clothes

Whilst I can’t deny that I love a good summer dress and sandals, my favourite season wear has to be autumn/winter. Not only is it comfortable to have big snuggly knitwear to cosy up in, but it’s also such an effortless but stylish wardrobe to pull together. Knitted jumpers, floppy/wooly hats, boots and fur – I can’t wait!

Bonfire Night

Remember remember the 5th of November. Every year I try to attend a professionally hosted bonfire display, drink mulled wine, eat hotdogs and watch the fireworks. Bonfire night is a night for family and friends to get together, enjoy each other’s company and watch fantastic firework displays. I'm already looking forward to getting wrapped up for it this year.


Whilst I’ve always considered myself a winter baby, autumn is said to run right through till the 3rd week of December. With my birthday being November, I’ve always wished I was born in the summer to enjoy a warm birthday in the sun, enjoying good food and drinking cider in the sun with friends. This year however, I’m spending my birthday weekend with the girls in Amsterdam. Drinking, culture and shopping – what more could a girl want?

Cosy nights in

We’ve all experienced the restless nights throughout summer. Windows wide open, attacked by moths, fans on full blast - quite frankly, I've had enough of it for this year. I love coming home from work to put the fire on, light some candles and get snuggled up with a hearty dinner and a blanket. I also find saving money is a lot easier throughout autumn as the desire to stay home with a good movie and takeaway on a weekend is a lot more tempting (and fattening - but hey, a girls gotta eat!).

Christmas Markets

Christmas markets are my favourite time about the back end of the year. Starting in the middle of November, it’s still far enough away from Christmas, yet not too early for everyone to be in high spirits. The festive cheer is all around, the Christmas jumpers are making an appearance, and the mulled wine and german hotdogs is aplenty. I’ve been to quite a few Christmas markets around, Hyde Parks Winter Wonderland being the biggest – however Manchester Christmas market is still my all-time favourite. The Mr took me there for my 21st birthday, and we will be returning again this year!

TV programmes

Okay, so now that Love Island has finished - I can't be the only one wondering what else to watch on TV anymore?! With X factor starting just last weekend, we've also got the return of Victoria, The Apprentice and I'm A Celebrity in the next few months to follow. So get the TV remote on standby, and wine and popcorn at the ready - TV season has begun!

*P.S - technically Christmas Day falls under Winter, not Autumn - but can I get a hell yeah who's already excited for it?!

Sophie Amelia