These past few months I have really surprised myself by what I can achieve. I've never really considered myself the brightest spark, and never thought I could achieve something that I'm proud of.

This is very off topic in the world of blogging, and I was a bit nervous to post this – but hey, today’s post was around this question so I’m answering it truthfully!

After graduating from University with a degree in Graphic Design, and with a plan to chase this dream in design – I found myself getting knocked back again and again. Although I got invited to interviews, I was either told that my work wasn’t good enough, or they didn’t even have the courtesy to call me back with an answer, or feedback of any sort.

Whilst I didn’t give up, I also decided to focus my efforts in different areas – and that’s how I ended up with a career in content marketing. Although designing has always been my number 1 passion, so has creative writing, and throughout school I was convinced my future career was going to be a journalist.

My first position that I got in marketing was a team that was referred to as ‘support’, and I felt that I could call in sick, go on holiday, or just basically go awol and anyone could jump in my place to cover my tracks. I didn’t feel valuable.

It wasn’t until I pushed myself and applied for my current position that my job - which enabled me to have more responsibility - that I felt truly happy. To take this plunge absolutely scared the hell out of me, as the only job I had ever known was pulling pints, and if I messed that up, that worst that would happen is I pour another. However, a few months down the line in content marketing, and I’ve found that I’m receiving more acknowledgement, praise and sense of achievement that I could ever imagine. These past few weeks I’ve received nothing but positive feedback, and each day I am growing stronger than ever before.

This post may seem like a bit of a life story, but I’m also hoping it will be inspirational. That although you always feel people seem to do better than you, no matter how much hard work you put in, never give up. Never fail to push yourself out of your comfort zone, and do things that scare you. I will never look back!

As for that ‘dream design company’ I wanted to work for, that couldn’t even be bothered to get back in touch with me? They rang me last month asking me to come in for another interview…what did I tell them? No thank you. I know that I’m better than being second choice, and I now know that I’m more valuable than I ever imagined. Most importantly, I believed in myself – and that’s a pretty damn good achievement to me!

Sophie Amelia