So this month I’ve decided to take part in the September blogging challenge – I’m going to be a busy bee!

As I work full time, this may be a bit of a struggle, so these posts might not be daily but I will be sure to include 30 posts by the end of September.

The posts are as followed:

  1. Your goal(s) for the month of September
  2. Something you’re proud of accomplishing recently
  3. Favourite fashion trend(s) right now
  4. Top 5 highlights from Summer
  5. 6 things about Autumn you’re looking forward to
  6. 7 things you’d like to work on/improve about yourself
  7. Thankful Thursday
  8. 8 things you love about yourself
  9. Share your OOTD
  10. A day in your life
  11. Make a wish
  12. Favourite quote(s)
  13. Your top guilty pleasures
  14. Your favourite things about blogging
  15. Favourite TV show(s)
  16. Link Love – Tag your favourite blogs, articles ect
  17. A cause you’re passionate about
  18. Make-up less Monday and what beauty means to you
  19. Songs you currently have on repeat
  20. 5 favourite foods
  21. Breakfast on the go
  22. Things you want to learn to do
  23. Another day in the life
  24. OOTD
  25. What you’re reading right now
  26. Your top 6 hobbies/past times
  27. Your celebrity crush(es)
  28. 10 things that make you the happiest
  29. Favourite form of exercise and why
  30. 30 random facts about yourselfImage result for blogging challengeLets hope I can stick to this, and that other bloggers join in. So keep an eye out for the first post tonight, and let's get blogging this September!

Sophie Amelia