This September marks the 3rd month that I’ve had my blog, so I’ve got quite a lot of goals in terms of improving this – however I’ll narrow it down to a few.

My first and foremost goal, is to produce a blog with posts the people a) actually read and b) actually enjoy reading. Although I love designing my blog, thinking of post ideas and writing them – It all seems a bit pointless if no one is actually reading them! Last month my blog hit 633 page views, which I’m so proud of, however a definite goal this September is to reach out to even more people.

Another goal that I would like to improve on is my blogs photography. Whilst I’ve always been a keen photographer, once I’ve got my idea for a post and written it, I get too fussy and just want to quickly snap some pretty photos to go with it on my iPhone. My goal is to make more use of my Canon camera, and perhaps be a bit more creative when snapping my photos to go with the posts. Basically, I spend hours looking through other blogs in which each and every single photo is perfect!

Finally, I’ve introduced a prints section on my blog which displays a variety of prints that I have designed. This started off as a hobby, designing personalised prints for my family and friends as gifts – however I begun to have more and more requests for making prints for others. Although my full time job is in Marketing, I would love to be able to keep my passion for design alight, and especially for others to enjoy this also. My prints are a lot cheaper than other designs found on the internet, and I will try my best to design prints to whatever people desire. I do this because it gives me a great sense of achievement and warmth that people are enjoying my work, it’s not about the money, but I also don’t have the time to make prints for everyone for free. For these to be reached out to more people and see people enjoying my work is a definite goal and achievement.

Sophie Amelia