So today is World Photo Day.

World Photo Day is an annual day that brings millions together through the eye of a lens. The thing about photography is that no matter what colour, nationality, race, gender, height, body type - none of it matters whatsoever.

I mean, none of it should matter regardless (unfortunately, that is just the world we live in). However, through photography, there is no judgement of any shape or kind, no language barriers, just people communicating through art, and everyone speaking the same language.

My all time favourite photographer has got to be Tim Walker - known for his extravagant, story telling fashion photography. Each one of his photographs tells a story, or a fairy tale - and the amount of detail that goes into his photo's are incredible.

I've been quite passionate about Photography for some time now, so in aid of World Photo Day - here's a few of my favourite snaps I've taken from over the years. For a full portfolio of my work, check it out here:



Sophie Amelia