The 1st of August marks Yorkshire Day, a day us northerners celebrate its true heritage.

We have the beautiful Yorkshire Dales, The North York Moors, Peak District, but enough of that – I’m going to show you what really makes us northern.

A Yorkshire Brew

  1. I’m not a huge tea drinker myself (I know, maybe I’m not a true northerner), but people get very protective over their tea here, and what tea is it they’re drinking. Feeling sad? Have a cuppa, Parents coming to visit? Whack the kettle on, boiling hot summers day? Let’s have a brew.

Yorkshire Puds

  1. With every Sunday dinner, a Yorkshire pudding is mandatory. If you ain’t got any Yorkshire puds, we ain’t interested. Bring on the lovely, fluffiness that is the Yorkshire Pudding!


  1. If it isn’t swimming, it isn’t worth it. Up North, gravy is an accompaniment to most meals. It goes hand in hand with Yorkshire puddings, great over chips, we even put it in sandwiches! Apparently, this isn’t a thing everywhere, but you’re missing out.


Sun’s out, Guns out

  1. Whether it’s 30 degrees or 15, at the slightest bit of sun, us northerners head straight to a beer garden, in our vest tops and shorts to lap up as much sun as possible. Are we crazy? Yes, Are we getting a tan? Probably not, Do we care? Nope!


Lunch, Dinner and Tea

  1. This is a worldwide confusion, but when you’re playing out in the garden as a child and your mum shouts ‘Tea’s ready!’, you know that your evening meal awaits.


Sandwich Bread

  1. Is it a breadbun/breadcake/bap? Who knows. All we know is, it’s a lovely piece of buttery bread to fill to your hearts content. (Preferably a chip butty!)


  1. We say thank you way too much. When visiting London, I found mountains of people bumping into me, and not even battering an eyelid. Meanwhile, I’m bustling along like a broken toy ‘Sorry, sorry, sorry’. We just like manners!


  1. Only we understand it, but it’s great. Phrases such as ‘ey up me duck’ and calling everyone ‘love’ are a known thing in Yorkshire. I think we’re also the only place that ‘gets on each other’s tits’. (Google it, it’s not as crude as you think).

Oh, and one last thing to remember - It's never dull in Hull!


Sophie Amelia