Last night, millions of viewers tuned in to watch the Love Island Reunion – It was everyone’s last attempt to clutch onto the programme that has been filling our nights for the past few weeks.

As a follow up from my Love Island Final post – I decided to look into a few of the shock factors of last night’s Love Island Reunion.

The Wardrobe Malfunction

Let’s be honest, we all noticed Flack’s dress slide down revealing her layer of tit tape. Now, I’m not one to judge – as a fellow non-bra wearer on a night out, I feel her. But on national TV, this wasn’t the greatest of looks. As a follow on from the thousands of tweets about Flack’s previous Love Island Final outfit choice, it seems the nation are about ready to sack the costume department on the show.

The Narrator – Iain Stirling

So, we all remember the guy behind all of Love Island, with his sarcy commentary and shouting ROMFORD every time Kem was on the screen. He appeared on the reunion show last night, and it seems a lot of people were taken aback by how good looking he is. But the question is…is he? Let’s be honest, he’s no Jamie, but it definitely got the crowd talking.

Jonny Still Being An Arsehole

He was the most hated guy throughout the whole show, and it appears he still hasn’t redeemed himself. Even though he was sat next to fellow rival Theo, the other side of him was Chyna, who reportedly Jonny has been seeing and even whisked her away on a recent romantic break to Budapest. How cute. However, when Caroline Flack confronted the pair asking how things were going, Jonny denied the whole rumours about the pair being an item and branded them as ‘just friends’, Ouch. Chyna however, got revenge – and posted several sly snapchats throughout the show of Jonny, captioned with ‘mug mug’ and ‘what a little prick’. Go on Girl!

Flack and Muggy Mike? What?

During the Love Island Reunion, Muggy Mike posted a photo of him and Flack getting cosy with the caption ‘who really won Love Island’, insinuating something was sparking up between the two. The speculations follow on from Flack, who has previously branded Mike as ‘fit’. On last nights show when asked what has happened with Mike and Tyla, Tyla explained they went separate ways after she wanted something of a relationship, yet Mike wanted to ‘have fun’ – Stay away Flack, he’s on a mission!

You Can Shop The Love Islanders Outfits!

The best news yet – An Instagram account has been made for us girls to shop all of the islanders outfits. I found myself throughout the programme pointing out various outfits and wondering where they got them from, let’s be honest – who didn’t want Ambers’ cute dinosaur tshirt! The Instagram account is here: @loveislandoutfits. You’re welcome!

Sophie Amelia