As you may or may not be aware, my hometown Hull has now been named City of Culture 2017.

If you’re not from Hull, you’ve probably heard nothing but bad things about it from previous articles, or even heard of it at all – but Hull really is great!

By the end of the 18th Century, Hull was known to have one of the biggest whaling ports in the country, and due to its popularity on the map, also suffered heavy bombing during the Second World War. Hull boasts an array of attractions, from The Deep – the worlds only submarium, to the colourful and vibrant Humber Street area, with a fantastic selection of restaurants and bars.

Over the years, Hull’s art and culture has gone from strength to strength, including our yearly Freedom Festival, Humber Street Sesh, and The Feren’s Art Gallery. I’m proud to be from Hull, and even though I studied in Leeds for 3 years, I couldn’t help but come back.

In honour of Hull City of Culture 2017, I wanted to write a series of posts displaying the events and background to Hull, and hopefully make it a place you will add to your bucket list to visit! Here’s my summary of things to do and see:

Hull’s Old Town

With its cobbled narrow streets, and old quirky pubs, a trip to old town in Hull is definitely worth a visit. If you’re after a bottle of the finest champagne and a VIP area, then maybe this isn’t the place for you. However, old town is great for shoving on a jumper, heading to the pubs and having a good pint and catch up in a bubbly and friendly environment. Make sure to check out Ye Olde White Hart!

Humber Street Sesh

Every year, on the first of August – is Humber Street Sesh. This is a day of live music introducing local bands and giving them the opportunity to expand. It’s hosted on the beautiful Marina (my favourite part of hull), which has a great view of the boats in the dock and is a fantastic sun spot also. There are a variety of pop-up bars and food stalls, and overall an amazing atmosphere and buzz. I go here every year and this year will be no different – except I’ll be focussing more on documenting the event rather than drinking! (Don’t get me wrong, I will definitely be drinking at some point). This year Humber Street Sesh is Saturday the 5th of August – which means next weekend! Watch this space for a post to follow.

Freedom Fest

Similar to Humber Street Sesh, but on a larger scale – Freedom festival is stretched right across Hull City Centre, and happens every September. This is a free event, and used to host acts such as JLS, Basshunter and The Saturdays – however due to funding, this has now been downscaled and is now focussed more on the local talent. Surrounded once again by food and drink stalls, this one is also worth another visit.

Thieving Harrys               

Located on the Marina, is the perfect little breakfast spot. This hidden gem is a small café facing out onto the marina, that does fantastic breakfast and coffee – If you’re coming to Hull, then it’s worth stopping off here. The eggs never disappoint!


Cocktails cocktails cocktails. Do I even need to carry on? This cocktail bar down Princess Avenue (Also worth a visit for a drinking sesh) has beautiful décor, big cushioned booths and the best Pornstar Martini’s around – It can be pretty pricy, but it doesn’t stop us from going back.

The Deep

As mentioned above, The Deep is the worlds only Submarium. You can spend a few hours here admiring the fantastic sea life, and their latest addition is Penguins! The Deep is known for its fantastic architecture overlooking the sea, and is a great addition to hull. You can’t come to visit Hull and not go here!

Chip spice

If you haven’t had chip spice before, I feel sorry for you. Sold in all Fish and Chip shops, chip spice is the perfect addition to any chip dish. It’s hard to explain, but I can only describe it as a paprika spicy flavoursome powder stuff. Just take my advice, and try some.

The Humber Bridge

I live within walking distance of the Humber Bridge, and it’s an absolutely beautiful sight to admire. You can either head to Hessle Foreshore to grab an ice-cream and take in the view from below, or go up to walk across the bridge and see all across Hull. I sometimes like to go for a walk/run across here, and it’s a great place to escape to.

Hull fair

Hull fair. So many childhood memories here. It’s pretty much what it says on the tin – It’s a fair in Hull. It arrives every October, and is here for the week. I suppose it’s no different to any other fairs, but it’s just great.

Keep an eye out for future posts on these upcoming events!

Sophie Amelia


(I also found this amazing sarcastic buzz feed article to back me up :