As a self-confessed 20 year old granny, you won’t be surprised to know that I’m amongst the majority of the nation hooked on Love Island – and tonight is the final. What are we actually going to do with our evenings after tonight?!

For those who haven’t been watching (c’mon, you need to catch up BIG TIME), Love Island is basically a group of beautiful people, shoved into a villa abroad, and the end goal is to partner up.
Our goal as an addicted audience, is to basically bitch, admire, and try and work out which couple are actually genuinely in love, or are just in for the prize money at the end.

So let’s talk through the remaining contestants…

Chris and Olivia

Chris. The world’s biggest sweetheart. He entered the villa with such a big bravado, and I’ve got to admit (I’m sorry Chris!), I thought he was an arrogant so and so. As the programme has progressed, Chris has dropped the ‘macho’ act, and has shown the nation his true colours. From being honest about his feelings for Liv, and also bravely revealing about his battle with mental health, we all can’t help but fall in love with him. Although Chris isn’t perfect, and Liv has had to put up with his budding bromance with Kem, I think these two could have a real shot.

Kem and Amber

Although these two got off to a rocky start, they’ve pulled through and have become such a strong couple, which I genuinely believe care for each other and have a chance to make it on the outside. I think these two really understand each other, and could really go somewhere.

Jamie and Camilla

Oh my god. These two are made for each other. With Camilla’s distinct intelligence and personality, she was always going to struggle in a villa surrounded by men whose initial interest is getting a girl in to bed. The romance and passion between these Cam and Jamie is something special, however I’m still not sure if these two will be able to stand out enough against the bigger characters when it comes to the vote.

Marcel and Gabby

What’s not to love about Marcel. He’s genuine, kind, and he used to be in…what was it again Marc? Blazin’ Squad? Now, I’ve read speculations about the genuine love that Gabby has for Marcel – and I don’t want to believe them as I think they could be good together on the outside. However, time will tell!


So that’s all the info on the couples…but the biggest question. Who do we want to win?!


Sophie Amelia