So it’s a well-known fact that weddings are stressful to plan – but no one ever mentions the hen do?

As a Bridesmaid’s duties, it is our job to throw the hen the party of her lifetime. But why is this so stressful!? You’re given a list of random names to throw into a Facebook message, you put the plan out there, and everything will run smoothly, right? It should do. However, you have to take into consideration:

a) Not everyone is going to like your ideas

b) Even if they do, everyone’s budgets may not allow this.

A trip to the Maldives sipping on cocktails isn’t for everyone (Although, that would be pretty great), so taking everybody’s availability, responsibilities and budget into consideration is the first step to take. After all, it’s worth tightening the belt to ensure all the girls can make it!

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not expert on this, and I definitely wouldn’t call myself a party planner. But if I had found a post like this when I started my planning, I would definitely have less grey hairs!

Apartments over Hotels

If it’s just for a night or two, apartments are the best way to get everyone together, and also makes it cheaper too. I booked our town house through, however there are plenty of brilliant properties on Airbnb that would also cater for hen parties. The bigger the party, the cheaper this works out – and it’s a great place for the games to begin!

Arrival Drinks

As I mentioned earlier, chances are you won’t know the majority of your Hen’s friends – and even if you do, they might not be too familiar with each other. Having a glass of fizz upon arrival will relax everyone, and not to mention will get people on their merry way without spending too much money.

Groupon Deals

When a girls gotta eat, a girls gotta eat. We can’t be having hangry hens! When a budget is involved, choosing a restaurant can be a tricky one. Groupon however, is full of great deals – and I even managed to grab us a champagne afternoon tea at The Hilton for £10 each, bargain. Groupon doesn’t just stop at food (although food is key), try and hunt down a salon deal for the girls for a pamper afternoon, or even a cheeky little cocktail offer.

Party Favours and Party Props

Now I’m not even sure how or when this became a thing, but apparently nowadays hen parties require party bags. Although the stereotypical willy straws have to be thrown in there, creating a Survival Pack is a cheap and fun way to fill the bag – and will come in handy when someone’s feet require medical attention (plasters), or paracetamols for the next morning.

A hen party has to involve some great memories, as well as some Instagramable photos. I ordered some photo props for this occasion, aswell as raiding Poundland for extra party props such as badges and party games (which I can’t recommend enough btw).

I suppose I’m pretty premature writing this post now, as all my hard work and planning doesn’t actually fall into place until this weekend (22nd July), however I’m hoping it will all run smoothly and brownie points will be rewarded.

Keep an eye on my Instagram account for photos to follow!

Sophie Amelia