First post huh? Well, this is pretty daunting.

I’m no expert at writing blogs, and most people might not be too interested in what I have to say – but since working in content and PR and spending endless hours poring over inspirational bloggers and the fantastic and friendly community that comes with it, I wanted to be involved – so here I am!

I guess you could say I’m a granny trapped in a 20-something northerner’s body, who’s wild Friday nights consist of PJ’s, a bottle of white zinfandel and half of Sainsbury’s cheese aisle.

I’ve set up camp in a little 3 bed house I call home with my partner, our French bulldog and a Bengal cat (I’m sure you’ll hear a lot about the pests). I can’t say I’ve thrown myself into one hobby but I love spending hours dribbling over interior design, photography and clothes – and I also have a severe case of wanderlust.

I want to write to help people, inspire them and also discuss real life stuff. I don’t want to tell people how often I go to the gym (which is very rare btw, if you were wondering), and waffle on about weight loss and fad diets because let’s be honest, there’s far too much of that around.

I want to blog about real stuff to help real people, including products to help my never-ending bloating issues, travel, good food and whatever takes my fancy.

       Please drop me an email or comment and say hi, I don’t bite!

Sophie Amelia