As one of the best times of the year approaches, the decorations are finally up in my house, and it makes me so bloody happy. I love coming home from work and switching all the lights on, and just sit snuggled up in the warm and cosy atmosphere.

This year is my second year of having a tree as I was living at home before that, and this year I've decided to do a post and share some of my favourite decorations that I've accumulated over the past few years.

Photo Bauble

So if you follow me on Instagram (please do!), you'll know that I've a very soppy sort, and love sharing a good photo of the Mr and I. Last year, I came across these beautiful personalised glass baubles on Not on The High Street. At £12.50, we bought one of these for all of the couples in the family, with their own personalised photo's. I think this adds a great personal touch to the tree, particularly if you have kids and want to use this to display baby photo's. The bauble was so much better than I ever thought, and I would highly recommend getting one to add to your addition!

Amsterdam Town House

You may or may not of read about my recent trip to Amsterdam, where I stumbled across a fantastic little Christmas shop alongside the flower market. Well folks, here is my gorgeous little bauble I came home with. The tall and thin houses stacked side by side in Amsterdam was one of my favourite things about the place, so I had just to come back with a little memoir of this.

Snow man

This may not surprise you as half of my house is full of fantastic stuff from Daisy Doodle Crafts, but this little snowman is a Christmas favourite. I love how unique he is, and that it was handcrafted especially for me. This year the Christmas crafts at Daisy Doodle Crafts are looking better than ever, so I'm sure I'll be placing an order in ASAP.


My Frenchie Reindeer Tub

This is the newest addition to my Christmas collection, and I grabbed it for just £1 from Asda. Not only does it bring a nice festive touch to my snacks at work, but it looks like my little Sashy, so this purchase was a no brainer.

Alongside Christmas decs, the Christmas markets are one of my favourite things about this season. I can't get enough of the German hotdogs and some mulled wine by the fire in tipi tents. On Friday the Mr and I headed to Thor's tipi tent in Hull to soak up the last of the festive markets before the close for Christmas.

P.s TOP TIP - If you have a pesky cat like mine who makes you re-decorate your tree on a daily basis, tie balloons to the base of your tree...mine has stayed in tact so far, and not a single bauble rolling around on the floor!