Having a hobby or interest is great for setting yourself goals, or even just for something to do! I do wish I had more hobbies, however these will have to do for now:


I do love taking photos, or people, scenery, objects, anything! However, since leaving college and university where I had ongoing photography projects to complete and encouraging my creativity, I’ve found myself getting a bit lazy with it. I feel it’s not as acceptable anymore to dress my friends up in weird outfits and get them to pose in weird places without using the excuse ‘its for a project’

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I’m not an extreme hiker, and you will never see me climbing up a mountain – however I do love a nice enjoyable stroll through the woods. Whether this be by myself with my headphones in mulling life over, walking the dog, or having a catch up with friends. I can walk for miles without even realising that I’m actually doing exercise that I’m enjoying!

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This is obviously quite a new hobby as my blog is only 3 months old, but I’m so glad that I decided to start this blog. Sometimes when I feel slugging and lazy, and tbh a little bit fed up – but my blog keeps me going, it encourages me to create new recipes and try new products to help others, and it encourages me to get my ass off the sofa and get out and do something worth blogging about.

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Interior Pinning

Is this a hobby…? Who knows – but I find myself spending hours on a weekly basis pinning interior design inspiration on my Instagram and Pinterest. I would love to be able to get creative with a house and unlimited budget…and tbh, I do sometimes wonder why I never went into interior design

Graphic Designing

Similar to my photography, this is something I’ve felt myself slipping away from since leaving education – however I still enjoy designing my prints for myself and others, and my house is absolutely covered in funny or inspiration quotes and images.


Before you tell me no, of course this is a hobby. Online or walking around the shops, I could spend HOURS both clothes and house shopping. Whether this be putting an outfit together, or a display in the house – if I had unlimited money this would be the best hobby ever.

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Sophie Amelia