Another life in the day of Sophie Amelia…well – I’m actually quite excited about this one! My last DITL post was basically me boring you lot about my gym schedule/day at work. However today is SATURDAY and I’ve actually had a very eventful day.

Today started off with a 7:30 alarm to take my car in for it’s MOT…cry cry – where’s the weekend lie in’s at?! All set to go by myself to drop off Nora (Nora the Nissan) and walk to the gym to waste the morning, it was a lovely surprise when the Mr got up with me and suggested to go for breakfast – Breakfast>Gym = result!

We dropped Nozza off and left in a hire car, a little Kia Seed. I must admit, after driving around in a 15 year old car that is falling to bits, I was ever so tempted to stay in this hire car and not return…but I obviously didn’t.

We went for a drive to the local café and I got my absolute favourite – eggs benedict. Mmm…

With many discussions and plenty of times driving past the new houses currently being built in the area, we decided to go for a nosy. We realised we would be in a position to buy in a few years, so it wouldn’t hurt to look.

Hours later, arms loaded with brochures and conversations with mortgage advisors – we realised that we could be looking to buy a lot sooner than we thought, and for a lot nicer house too! Eep! For those who have read my interior design post and how much I pine over having a house that I own to decorate – you will realise how bloody excited I was to hear this news.

We walked around show homes, we discussed prices and help to buy schemes, and you know what, what a bloody fantastic afternoon! We eventually decided to call it a day and went to retrieve our little Nora, who of course, failed the MOT. BUT, I didn’t really care – BECAUSE WE CAN BE HOMEOWNERS NEXT YEAR.

(Can we just asses how beautiful these show rooms are - I officially need this bedroom and kitchen in my life)

We headed over to Lidl and got some German Bratwurst sausages, onions and baguettes for a Christmas market inspired dinner (we couldn’t wait until November), and I’m now sat munching on my hotdog, sipping a glass of wine and about to choose a film for a fantastic Saturday night in.

I hope you all enjoyed your Saturday too!

Sophie Amelia