I’m forever spending hours on Instagram, pinning pretty house interior designs and shoving my phone in family and friends faces to show them – So I thought, why not show you lot too?

I’m currently living in a rented property, and although I have decorated a few rooms, my perfect house with my favourite décor is still waiting. A girl can dream.

Living Room

I’m very indecisive when it comes to choosing a living room design. However lately I’ve been digging dark grey walls, framed prints and statement accessories. I just love the bold colours and prints in the first snap, however I think the stags (snap 6) make a great feature wall.


I’ve seen hundreds of bedroom interior ideas that I’ve looked through and loved. However, to me a bedroom is somewhere comfortable and peaceful. Calm white walls and bedding makes this room like tranquil, the only addition I would make is to throw in some fairy lights in there!


Now this is something that I am desperate to have. Although I have a spare bedroom for it (which is currently my clothes room), I still need to acquire a desk, chair, and accessories to match. I currently blog from my sofa, dining table, and sometimes even the bath – so to have a little space like this decorated exactly how I want is the dream. I think this is another thing to wait for until I own a house.

Outdoor Area

I absolutely adore this outdoor area. It’s so simple and chic, yet the contrast of the statement floor tiles really bring this area together. This looks like the perfect place to cuddle up on a summers evening with a book, or relax with the Mr or the girls with a nice bottle of wine.


Oh the bath, look at the bath. If my bathroom looked like this, I would literally spend hours in it! Even though I think these tiles would be very high maintenance to clean, I think they bring a real class to the room. I have a bit of an obsession with free standing baths, so the fact I love this bath is a given. The ledge is great for putting toiletries on, but I love the idea that they’ve accessorised with it also.


Similar to the living room, I love the idea of the dark grey/blue carrying on into the kitchen. The tiles used here are similar to the ones in my bathroom snap, and I think they also look great in here too. I like the idea of a brick feature wall in the kitchen-dining room (similar to what I have now), and the hanging bulbs they have are the absolute dream.


I’ve got a bit of a thing with hallways at the minute. Every house I look at on the internet up for sale, I will disregard if it doesn’t have an awesome hallway space that I can transform into something like this. A hallway is the first thing people see when they enter your house, so it’s got to look amazing, right?

Even though I drool over these interior design ideas, I've also got a few favourite spots in my own house that I've designed. It's not perfect, but it's all my small budget and rented accomodation will allow.



I absoloutely fell in love with this dresser from the moment I saw it. I found it in a vintage shop in Leeds, and it came complete with a dining table, bench and chairs. I love floating shelves with prints and accessories on, so to me this was perfect to have such a large place to display my bits and bobs. A lot of the items are gathered over time from christmas and birthday presents - The Hull Kingston Rovers sign however was hand made by Daisy Doodle Crafts, and can be made to any design you like. The print with various locations is a collection of places me and my partner have lived and travelled together - I created this myself, and can take orders for personalised prints for you also.


Once again, a place to store all my bits. I've always loved the melted candlewax on champagne bottles, so when we finally got a fireplace like this where I was able to do this, I was over the moon. I saved my bottles from special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries, so I've made this space really personal to us. (Also featuring my graudation photo - yes, I got to wear the funky hat!). I especially love this area in winter when I've got the fire on and my candles lit, and it's extra cosy at christmas with my garland and christmas lights!

If you have any inspiration ideas to share with me or just want to say hi, I'd love to hear from you all 💕

Sophie Amelia