Here we are again, another weekend OOTD. Today I was up early (not intentionally), so decided to get showered, give the house a quick clean and head into town.

As the weather has gradually got colder and colder, I realised that I only own 1 jumper. Only 1 jumper! How disgraceful. I had been waiting all month for payday – and now it was finally autumn/winter wardrobe time!

After a rake through Primark and a trip to Holland and Barrett for my Slimatee (review to come), I swung by McDonalds to pick the Mr and I up some brunch and we lazed around for the afternoon.

Later on, we decided to take Sash for a walk – and then headed out for an all you can eat Italian buffet before heading home with full bellies and big smiles on our faces.

Pretty much the perfect Sunday! But enough of that…Here’s my OOTD (and if you're wondering...It's all Primark):

[caption id="attachment_1337" align="alignnone" width="3024"]img_4356 I know this isn't an outfit - But I just love my new print I picked up today![/caption]