Time to grin and bear all! I’m not actually a big make-up wearer, so luckily, I feel quite comfortable posting this. My appearance focuses are on my weight and how my hair looks – but as for makeup I feel quite happy to leave the house on a regular basis feeling fresh faced!

Don’t get me wrong, I always ogle over girls on Instagram with their perfectly flawless skin, glowing highlighter and unbelievable smokey eye makeup. The thing is…It just doesn’t suit me! Ive experimented with so many different looks and products, and to be quite honest, I just end up wiping it off.

My natural day makeup consists of a base of moisturiser, followed by a quick dab of either foundation/concealer under my eyes if I’ve had a bad night’s sleep. I don’t like to use foundation all over unless it’s for a night out as it tends to cling to my dry skin and just makes my skin look awful. (I’ve tried several brands for this to solve this, but I am still to find the one)

My eyebrows I used to love doing quite brash, however since I’ve recently gone a very light blonde, the heavy brown brows just don’t work too well. I’ve also grown my eyebrows out in the past few years so that pencilling them in isn’t as vital.

If I’m using eyeshadow, I tend to stick to light colours such as light browns, golds and pastel pinks. My eyes are something I like to accentuate the most with make-up, however I’m not lucky enough to have large eyelids to experiment with colour layering. My day eye makeup is usually just a layer of mascara however.

I honestly love a nude lipstick, and I think this applied with a thin layer of mascara creates a beautiful natural look. (I’ve had my eye on a Mac Velvet Teddy Lipstick for a while now!)

Although I do like to apply makeup on fuller for a night out, my partner loves me without make-up and prefers a natural face – so this has only encouraged me to embrace my natural self!

If anyone has any makeup tips or brands they would recommend me to try out, please do let me know as I’m always willing to experiment with new things!

So here we go, here’s my makeup less Monday morning shot!


p.s I know this post says it was posted Tuesday for a makeup less Monday...however I did post this last night - my blog just seems to of had a moment!

Sophie Amelia