Happy Halloween everyone!

So, I’m by no means a make-up guru, however I’ve started to experiment with makeup more and more, and starting to feel less drag queen, more glam and girly. In honour of Halloween, I've decided to share the contents of my make-up bag to share with you which products I use, and also to get any recommendations on new products to try! (Sorry, none of this includes any fake blood or face paints!).

MAC Foundation

So I've never ever been a foundation fan as I find that it sticks to my dry skin, no matter how much I moisturise. It wasn't until my trip to NYC that I visited a MAC store and asked for a make-over with a foundation that would suit my skin type. This particular foundation contains a moisturiser factor, so it doesn't stick to my skin AS BAD as others, however it still doesn't give me the flawless, dewy glow that I've always craved. It is however long lasting and gives a good coverage without appearing too thick and disguising all my freckles. Does anyone have any foundation suggestions?

MAC Eyeshadow Pallete

This stuff is what dreams are made of. Whilst skin products have never been my forte, I've always had a love for eye make-up. This palette contains such a wide variety of colours and shades that I am always spoilt for choice. As I love a nude, or brown palette (as I'm sure you can see from the empty holes), this provides plenty of options throughout the seasons. This eye shadow also stays on for a long time, although I do have a habit of sitting at work rubbing my eyes and forgetting I've applied any!

YSL Blusher

This was a gift to me for a birthday, as I would never have a clue what brands to look into when it came to blusher - however, this blusher sticks to my skin perfect, providing a soft glow, as well as providing some great colour to my face.

Collection Contour Kit

Whilst it's in my make-up bag, I'm not actually a big fan of this highlighting kit. The contouring kit that I swear by is by Superdrugs B. cosmetics. Unfortunately, they didn't have any in when it came to re-stocking so I had to suffice to this contouring kit. Whilst it does the job, I find the highlighter in this a bit too light and powdery, as opposed to a shimmering highlighter. I do think the B. one may have been discontinued, which pretty heart-breaking tbh. I'm in desperate need of a decent replacement that provides a natural glow, with nothing too sparkly of heavy! Anyone?!

MUA Eyeshadow Trio Eye palette 

Yes, I know. I'm aware I already have a huge eye shadow palette - however this compact range provides a fantastic shimmer for a night out, and I layer the colours up, starting from the white across the full lid, and then the darker colours in the corner to build it up to really make my eyes pop. I love these shimmering eye shadows as I think they really add a boomf to evening makeup, and are also great for when the MAC palette is too big to take on a weekend away!

MUA Primer

I can't believe I've gone so many years without using a primer. Not only does this resolve the foundation sticking to my dry skin issue, but it also gives off a flawless finish. My favourite one that I've sampled of primers has to be a MAC, which I would highly recommend - however, with the MAC primer pricing at around £20, this MUA one at a price of £5 seemed a better option until I can justify this.

Bodyshop Eyebrow Kit

This duo-tone eyebrow kit has been the only eyebrow kit that I've ever used, and the only one that I will use. Recommended to me by some friends, this kit creates big, natural eyebrows without too much overkill. At the retail price of approx £10 (the Bodyshop site is down for me to link), this is an absolute steal and lasts me a good year or so.

I hope you enjoyed my make-up reviews, and please please please comment below with any recommendations for me to try. On top of this, here's a photo of me from last weekend with me actually making an effort with my make-up! (Also wearing my Lullabellz hair extensions!)