So, after my Bootea Teatox review, I promised you lovely lot that I would trial a similar, yet cheaper product and feed back to you – so here it is.

Slimatee Natural Herbal Tea is available in Holland and Barrett, and I picked up a box of 20 tea bags for £3.99. This is a whopping decrease in price in comparison to the Bootea which was £16.99 in the sale (although this was day and night teabags) for 28 tea bags which has now gone back up to the full retail price on the website of £37.99.

I compared the ingredients from the two teas as I was unsuccessful with Bootea, so was hoping for something different in Slimatee to provide better results. After a bit of investigating, it appeared the two ingredients were quite different – however both tea’s still contained Senna Leaf, which is the main ingredient widely associated with weight loss and bowel movements, and basically the ingredient that is meant to do all the work. Similar to Bootea, the taste of Slimatee is quite herbal, so if you’re a regular green tea drinker like me, this honestly isn’t unpleasant.

Despite the ironic name of the teas, I didn’t purchase Slimatee to lose weight – as I’ve read that the weight you drop from laxatives is water weight, that will soon be added back on. Having recently been diagnosed with IBS, my journey instead was to find a way to regulate my bowels (sorry, TMI) and beat the dreaded bloat.

Well, I must admit it. This tea did just that. After my first cup of tea, my stomach was giving me the sign and I was on the toilet straight away. For some people, this may be an inconvenience, but as I struggle with digestive issues, to me I was quite relieved that I had found something that worked.

During my trial period, I drank a cup of Slimatee every night before bed, and didn’t consume any food or drink afterwards to achieve the best results. Whilst I have lost 7 pounds in the few weeks that I’ve been consuming this tea, I can’t give all the credit to Slimatee for this as I’ve been improving my exercise regime and diet also – however, I have been waking up with a flat tummy every morning and I feel like I’m finally getting my confidence back. I can’t remember the last time my stomach blew up on me since taking these, which is a miracle.

A downside I found to this product, was the severe stomach cramps that occurred with it after taking this tea every night for a week. But I suppose that is expected when you’re consuming a laxative every day! After 2 weeks, I decided to switch to consuming this tea every other night, and whilst my toilet trips weren’t as frequent as before – I still had normal regular stomach movements in comparison to before, and I still felt great and not bloated. Best of all, the cramps subsided.

All in all, I would without a doubt recommend this tea, I’m even sipping on a cuppa now. This is a product that I shall be buying regularly, and whilst I don’t want to get into the habit of using this product all the time, it’s reassuring to have a box in the house for when my IBS flares up. After countless times of pointless trips to the doctors, and copious amounts of tablets that don’t even work – this brilliant product really has made me feel like me again. 10 out of 10!

*(Ps – similar to what I noted in my Bootea review, taking a laxative can interfere with a contraceptive pill, so it might be a good idea to switch the time you take your pill to an evening when the tea becomes less effective)

Sophie Amelia